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How to increase concentration focus




Concentration is defined as the utmost degree of attention that the individual has, and the individual also can ignore all the distractions surrounding him, distracting the thought, and follow up on important matters that need to be accomplished immediately, which is a difficult process that requires a great effort from the person. Due to the large number of distractions that face humans, such as the various environmental influences, or people close to them.



Methods and means of increasing focus

There are many ways that a person can benefit from if he wants to increase his focus, and among these methods are the following:

  • Determining the activities and actions in which the individual is creative and performs well, making the energies of the individual directly to them, and trying to focus on them exclusively from other works; As in this case, he will achieve greater success and better results, and he will get rid of the tension that he suffers as a result of the large number of work that falls on his shoulders, and he will feel more energy and enthusiasm that increases his progress and success.
  • Distinguish between the strengths and weaknesses of his character; Every individual is good at doing many things and deeds, except that he may excel in some of them and not be good at or master in others. Therefore, if a person wants to increase his focus in the work he practices, or if he wants to succeed and excel in his life, he must distance himself from the works that he is not good at, and suffice to focus on the things and things in which he finds himself, shines with, and excels in them, and discovers the areas that distinguish him from other people.
  • Seeking help from others when the need arises; The many tasks that an individual needs to accomplish cause many pressures for him, and therefore it is very appropriate for him to find someone who helps him by assigning some of his work to accomplish it under his supervision. A person has to give up some bit of his control over every little and every big thing in his daily life.
  • Focusing on priorities in the tasks and tasks that face humans in life; He must take a clear and firm stance in choosing priorities, and use the equation of the four solutions that help him in that. The four options are abandonment, which means choosing a person to leave the task in front of him, and he refuses it and does not do it, and the second option is delegation, which is appropriate for the task that he needs Man refers to its action and its results, but does not accomplish it because he cares about what is more important than it, and therefore delegates it to someone else to do it, and the third option is to postpone And it is in the tasks and issues that the person must perform by himself in fulfilling them, but they can be postponed, and it does not need to be carried out immediately, as for the fourth and last option is to do the task. And it is in the necessary matters that cannot be postponed, delegated, or left while carrying out and achieving them will leave remarkable success on the individual.
  • Focusing on the advantages and gains that the individual reaps when determining the priorities he chooses from among the many options, and studying the tasks that help him succeed and advance to take care of them, and the tasks that are of no benefit from which he gives up.
  • Not allowing the people around him to get distracted while doing important work; The individual must put an end to every intruder who lives in a state of chaos and prevent him from hindering him from completing the issues, and the necessary tasks that must be completed immediately and without delay, and finding many means that help him to do so, such as putting on the door of his room when the necessary tasks are completed Please do not disturb), and in this case, he proves to himself and others around him the importance of time for him, and that he is now in a state of extreme focus that it is preferable not to be interrupted by anyone.

Methods for improving focus

There are many methods, if practiced by a person, that would improve his concentration, such as:

  • Having the intention of the person by focusing and paying attention to the issue in his hands.
  • Not to be discharged, and preoccupation with external ideas on the subject.
  • Reducing intellectual distraction, and not allowing the surrounding environment to affect it is not accomplishing the task.
  • Create a calm atmosphere; Calmness increases focus.
  • Associating new information with an old one, or something previously familiar to them; To try to remember it in case the individual needs it.
  • Relax from time to time. By creating a respite between work and multitasking.

The effects of an increased focus on the human being

Increasing the human focus process will have many benefits, including:

  • Doubling the material income of the individual, and increasing his rest time; As it was common in the past that whoever wanted to increase his material income had to work day and night, and to increase the continuous working hours, and therefore the result of this method would be to increase the income of the individual, with a decrease in the number of hours of rest, resulting in physical exhaustion that afflicts the individual His activity soon stops after a not long time, as for the new method that developed in recent generations, it increases the achievements of the individual, regardless of working hours, as this method allowed a person to increase and double the wage that he returns to, and increase the rest time he needs. The returned income became determined by the quality and quantity of results achieved by the individual, and not by the number of hours he worked.
  • The increase in things and actions that people focus on; This is a study that has proven its success, for life is nothing but a study of a person’s attention to a matter, and wherever a person’s focus and attention tends toward the superiority and distinction of that thing and its value increases. Psychologists have discovered that a person’s observation of any behavior that emanates from him changes the direction of this behavior for the better. Therefore, a person must focus on the behaviors and activities that are important in his life that benefit him and which can bring him the greatest gains and profits, and accordingly, increasing focus increases the returns With more time and less effort.

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