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How to Improve Yourself: Self-Improvement Tips



Ways To Develop Yourself

The concept of self-development

A self-improvement is a person adopting a better path in his life. Where a person elevates himself and obtains a sense of strength and satisfaction with himself, his work, and his life, and through this approach he obtains reassurance, tranquility, and inner peace, as well as helps him to achieve and develop his life goals, and self-development is based on an integrated system of skills, knowledge, and behaviors.


How to Improve Yourself Self-Improvement Tips

Self-development aid

A person must preserve these blessings and work to develop and develop them, and he must also remember that it is not necessary to be creative in all aspects and to master all skills. And its development:

  • Mention the positive qualities in the individual’s personality, the most important accomplishments he has made and mastered working on them and write all of this in a diary or paper that is easy to take up and watch daily.
  • Not comparing the individual himself to those with different abilities of individuals, but rather trying to provide help and assistance to others, as this work makes the individual feel distinguished and increases his persistence.
  • Avoid thinking about things that may make the individual feel inferior. Such as being overly sensitive and negatively influenced by the success of others.
  • Remember the successes and achievements of the individual in his life; This command provides him with energy that makes him feel grateful and proud of what he has achieved and will be an incentive and encouragement for him to continue working and striving for development and success.
  • Appreciation and praise for the accomplishments and successful deeds of others; Acting like this makes the individual loved by people, his friendships increase, and his self-confidence increases.
  • Speaking in a clear tone and audible voice, and are the qualities of a self-confident speaker.
  • Playing sports; improves the health of the individual, makes him appear bright, and improves his psychological state.
  • Make others share his interests, and communicate with them; The individual’s feeling of loneliness has many negative effects, such as anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

How to develop myself

How to develop oneself

A person can work to develop himself and improve it through a set of procedures and means that help him to do so, namely:

  • A person’s realization that the decision to develop and change himself is in his own hands; He is the one who decides and determines his fate and the path he will take, and therefore a person must learn how to make the right decision in changing to reach the best results.
  • Man’s knowledge that the wheel of life moves at a great speed, and that the world around him is moving with two wings together, namely speed and innovation. If he was not ready for that, he missed a lot.
  • Finding the appropriate way to develop; By keeping away from the old traditional methods and looking for innovative and new ways that differ from the style of others and have some distinction.
  • The individual’s perception of the fact that everything is possible, and that there is no word impossible in the dictionary of success and development, as everything and every goal can be achieved in this life.
  • Strategic changes; Meaning that a person makes a change in his life for the better; For example, if he increases his knowledge and culture, or in the skills he possesses or elevates his work, and so on.
  • Creative Imagination, which is when a person sees himself in the future as successful and distinguished and can overcome the obstacles and difficulties that stand in his way, as he finds solutions to all his life problems after he developed himself and changed it.
  • Self-confidence and is when a person sits with himself for some time and says: (I am confident of myself), which is to confirm confidence in his abilities and capabilities, after he faced difficulties or was told otherwise, he would not care. Because he is sure of himself.
  • Development and success come through a set of positive factors and data, and by the extent to which these factors are elevated, success is distinguished and does not accept criticism or improvement. Or he received special education, so the combination of these factors is one of the reasons for the individual’s success in changing and developing for the better, with a large amount of effort, perseverance, and persistence.

Reasons for self-development

Self-development and changing the human psyche for the better have many reasons, all of which are considered a strong incentive to develop man from himself and to make it in a better position than before, and among these reasons:

  • Achieving the human self and succeeding in the worldly life, one of the most important reasons for a person’s endeavor to develop himself is the realization of himself, and his striving to be a person of value and weight in his life that he lives to satisfy his work, his Lord who created him, and benefit his society that contained it so that he has gathered together the goodness of this world and the hereafter. Thus, he would have succeeded in reaching his goal and goal of development, success, and distinction in this world and the hereafter.

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