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How to Find Your Passion



how to reach your goal

Identify and write talent

First of all, you need to identify your talents; And they are the things that make you happy while you are doing them in addition to the things that you love and are good at making, and it is indicated here that mastering their manufacture is not necessary, and there is no problem that what you love is not common among people, the important thing is that you enjoy the thing. It is possible to think about lovable things during childhood; This is an easy way to discover interests.


Thinking is one of the basic things that enable you to find your interests and find the life that satisfies you, and the task of thinking is not an easy thing; Each of us has abilities and qualities that distinguish him from others, and your role here is to discover and learn about these capabilities.

Know what you want

You should always ask yourself, “What do I want from my time here?” If you are in university, for example, you have to ask yourself why you are here, which shows one end of your interests, is it “getting high marks?” or “freedom, breaking out of parental restrictions and finding more friends?”

Take a risk

Some people want to try a violent sport, but their intense fear of injury prevents them from doing so, and the truth is that many elderly people feel remorse as a result of not taking advantage of the opportunities that were previously available to them, and simply that life is lived once, and you must take a risk To discover your abilities and interests.

The time

Finding interests is something that takes a relatively long time to achieve; It is not the result of a moment, but rather it grows and grows with time in conjunction with the growth of personality and feelings, which requires you to be patient and wise and remember to pay attention initially to the idea before it develops into an interest in your life.

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