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How to develop yourself



Self development

Man is innately seeking to achieve gains and profits through achieving variable and growing ambitions and goals, changing by changing his age stages, and his innate, intellectual, and social needs, and a successful person builds his goals according to his skills, behaviors, talents, and knowledge, and the ambitions of the individual may not fit And his goals are with his own determinants or may not be compatible with it, so it is imperative that in this case he faces one of two possibilities: either he retracts his goals and withdraws to announce his defeat and his failure to achieve his aspirations and draw the future as he is wanted to be, or to sharpen his energy and summon his energy for the sake of Realizing his dreams and realizing his successes, and in this case he must learn about the aspects of his energy and skills, and develop them in a way that suits the level he aspires to reach. The individual’s diligence, willingness and desire to change himself, support his capabilities, and meet the requirements of practical and living conditions is what is called self-development.

Definition of self-development

The word development means in its linguistic meaning to the amendment, improvement, and intonation of the best, and the development process includes transferring the product or service from one phase to another, and improving its condition for a better and more advanced condition. One of the continuous and beneficial processes for the personality of the individual, which includes the acquisition of information, knowledge, skills, values ​​and behaviors in support of the individual and the organization of his abilities and capabilities, in order to be able to achieve his goals, and flexible handling of the obstacles and obstacles that he may face while seeking to achieve himself. Intellectuals agreed that self-development falls within the pursuit of the human being, his activity, and his willingness to achieve himself and obtain his success, in order to reach his psychological comfort and his sense of happiness in his life.

How to develop oneself

People generally agree on the need for self-development, and its importance in all aspects of life, but they differ in how and how it actually leads to self-development, and those who accompany change and demand and seek to develop themselves should make that development systematic, scientific and orderly, in order to achieve what he wanted from Renewal and improvement, and self-development can be planned in a variety of sequential ways, including :

+ Looking for principles and values :

One should control his compass towards his values and principles that God has established, so that the path of change is not mixed with him so that his path becomes counterproductive and negative growth, and the change initiated from the sea of values achieves rewarding achievements and valuable gains, since values are the focal point from which all the processes of change and development are launched, It is the safety valve that keeps the person at bay and draws his map and path.

+ Faithful provision :

Whereas the servant’s connection to his faith and commitment is reflected by a constant sharpening of the task, self-discipline, an aid to patience and creation with a generous and generous ethics, and faith is the key to success and its compass, and it promotes work, permanence and excellence.

+ Setting goals :

The original is for someone who intends to start and march to know his goal and define his destination, and likewise, self-development means reaching specific and clear goals, and setting goals is a basic requirement and an urgent necessity upon which the development process is based mainly, so one knows his goal, goal and access point for which he is going to master planning, organizing, He achieved success and development, and shaped the future with what he saw and liked.

+ prioritization :

Setting priorities is a very important matter, and it is a timetable agenda to which the tasks are added depending on their importance. If the tasks are arranged with the most important priority, the achievement is great, and the pursuit of achieving and developing them is sound and rewarding. As for the randomness in accomplishing the tasks and neglecting the important and most important, it leads to a defect in the outcome , And the final value collected.

+ Acquire science and knowledge :

Science is the most important pillar in the accomplishment of business and its development, and the raw material that can be formed for the manufacture, construction and development of personality, and science-based development is beneficial to its owner in all cases, and science leads to a steady and appropriate improvement in the aspects of the personality, its skills, and its behavior, and pushes it continuously to improve in the best Available and best.

+ Positive thinking :

The road to self-development needs to be provided with the basic skills of thought processes, and positive thinking is an essential process inherent in the development and improvement, as positive people acquire features that help them move forward in development paths, through looking for positive matters, creativity in problem solving, and innovation in developing plans The goals and positive thinking are the food of the mastermind and its energy, and the positive thinking is reflected on the individual’s behaviors, skills and reality, as the positive does not know a dead end, as the options before him are open, and the alternatives in his possession are multiple.

+ optimism :

The benefit of optimism appears as a noble value in the development of a person’s motives, motivating him to complete his path and his quest to develop himself and achieve his goals and aspirations, and optimism is reflected in the sense of happiness during the usual processes of self-development, development, and continuous learning.

+ self-confident :

Real success begins with self-esteem, appreciation, and confidence in its potentials and capabilities, and highlights the importance of self-confidence in one’s own feet and progress, self-esteem, abilities, skills and performance, and the self-confident acquires new knowledge and distinctive maturity that is reflected in the quality of performance and mastery of business in a remarkable and steady way, and fueling confidence One’s determination, his vigor, and his vitality, his love for his work, his job, his specialty and his personality are enhanced.

+ Progression and balance :

Gradually means ordering and organizing performance, so that a person can achieve his goals and achieve his ambitions little by little, in a harmonious and organized building in which he does not flounder or fidget, and the gradualism includes the arrangement of priorities and actions with a balance that achieves the requirements of development and its inputs, in order to reach the human being to his supreme goals, and his self-fulfillment with moderation, balance, and balance. Longer, optimal stability is tainted by fatigue, frustration and tension.

+ Perseverance and focus :

The most thing that prevents a person from developing himself and depriving him of the joy of success and achievement is the scourge of procrastination, and whoever wants to reach what he wishes and requests himself, he must strive, work, and focus efforts towards his goals without frustration or fragmentation, and the achievement is not obtained in one go, but rather it comes with a progressive verification that is achieved Initial acquisitions that require perseverance and endeavor to complete construction, achieve total success through the plans drawn up, and focus on the desired goals.

+ The importance of self-development :

The importance of self-development lies in the returns and products achieved by the continuous development process of the human being, as man acquires in his continuous quest to develop his skills, behaviors, knowledge, and sciences to expand his awareness and increase his capabilities in research, deduction and dealing with crises, as a person acquires by developing himself a sense of conviction Subjectivity, psychological satisfaction, and inner peace, as the path towards self-development is covered in happiness in all its details, since human instinct requires achievement, success and praise, and hates failure and frustration, and therefore the happiness of man is achieved through what he acquires permanently and continuously in all c He spawned his life.


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