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How to Break a Bad Habit



How to get rid of a bad habit

Acknowledging bad habits

Getting rid of bad habits requires recognizing these habits between the person and the depths of himself, and then identifying the good reasons that will result from leaving bad habits, and their good impact on his life. Reasons and makes them the focus of his life, he will notice that there is a relationship between breaking bad habits in his life and the good things that he will get in the future from leaving these habits.

Identifying triggers for bad habits

Breaking bad habits requires staying away from any external stimulus that helps to increase the bad habit in a person’s life, and even if some people suffer from the problem of not knowing the external stimuli that increase bad habits in their lives, the solution is to go back a little and notice the small and big things Which prompted the person to do the habit, or what emotional feelings occurred and prompted the person to engage in the bad habit at that moment.

Ways to Break a Bad Habit

Replacing a bad habit

Alternative solutions to a bad habit are one of the best solutions to be followed to get rid of a bad habit, whether it is a temporary alternative solution or a permanent alternative solution that is not annoying, such as replacing the habit of biting nails with gum or practicing meditation that helps break bad habits, just knowing the influencing external stimuli can be practiced Meditation to distract the person from it.

Get professional help

It is preferable to obtain medical help from professionals in the psychological field. Or psychological treatment to uncover the source and driver of the bad habit, in addition to providing psychological support and continuous medical monitoring.

Determine the reasons for this habit

A person should try to find out the reason behind acquiring a habit like this, and a person can identify his bad habits by asking himself a set of questions, trying to find the answer to them, and based on the answer, the reason for this habit will be determined :

  • How long have you had this habit?
  • Why do you stick to this particular habit?
  • How do you feel when you do such a habit?

A person must make sure that the bad habits that he does are nothing but the product of society, as a person is born as a blank page, and society draws broad lines on this page, so it is necessary to know the true source of this bad habit.

How to Break a Bad Habit

Cut out the reasons as much as possible

After the basic sources that were the cause of bad habits in humans are identified, these sources must be boycotted immediately, and most of the sources are from friends, and therefore they can be boycotted and try to replace them with others who help him get rid of this habit and get habits Others are better, and the idea of staying with this group of friends makes you vulnerable to this habit more and more, and you should not wait for help from anyone to get rid of your bad habits, all you have to do is start with yourself first.

Learn to reject a bad habit

It can be said that bad habits are extraneous to a person and not something inherent in him, and that a bad habit may exist in any person, regardless of his age, or social level, all this in addition to the fact that bad habits do not know a certain age, and therefore a person must be a master for himself. And he should not wait for others to advise him, and he should try to get rid of bad habits before he is criticized by others, and therefore a person must in his heart prevent himself from doing such bad habits, and say to himself “No.”

Reward yourself

If a person motivates himself, for example, to set a specific period, say three or four consecutive days, and to decide his eyes in case he does not do the bad habit that he does, he will reward himself by taking a walk or going on vacation And after he has spent this period, he must increase the period to reach two weeks, and whenever he passes the period, he must increase it and take from this step a process of challenging himself.

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