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How to boost your self-confidence




is defined as what gives a person a sense of the greatness of his value, which is the feeling that drives him to be the master of himself in all circumstances and situations, so he acts on his own without paying attention to what others will say about him, and it can be said that self-confidence appears in his words, his actions, and all his movements, He does not worry and is not afraid of people judging his actions. Rather, on the contrary, these behaviors emanate from within him and himself without the slightest interference from others, and self-confidence is an attribute acquired from the surrounding environment; it is not born with a person without another.lf confidence

Self-confidence is also expressed as the individual’s belief in himself and his capabilities, and it is a description of one’s thinking and feeling about himself, and its degree changes according to the surrounding circumstances; where the individual feels high confidence in himself in some situations, while he feels less confidence in other situations, in addition to remembering one For some of the life situations he went through, he can be a motivation to enhance or reduce his self-confidence. When the individual remembers a success story of his self-confidence rises, but if he remembered positions he failed in, this would affect the extent of his self-confidence and reduce it. It is worth noting that self-confidence Closely related to self-esteem and confusion Maha, whoever appreciates and respects himself is definitely someone who has strong confidence in himself and vice versa.

How to boost self-confidence

Scientists have agreed that self-confidence is a trait that may exist in one person and not in another, and that it is possible that some things may happen that negatively affect a person and make him lose confidence in himself, except that they have developed a certain method and steps that help him to restore his confidence in himself or build it from Zero, and that would make him an individual able to interact with society and deal with people effectively and positively, and here are some strategies that follow them would increase an individual’s self-confidence:

  • Self-making: The self-industry begins from the self itself, and for a person to build a strong personality, his perception of himself must be positive. When a person sees himself positively, this gives him the ability to overcome difficulties, and he has the incentives that drive him towards change.
  • Self-esteem and self-esteem: a person must look at himself with love and appreciation, and always be convinced that he deserves the best, and not to offend or humiliate him even in front of people, in order for them to appreciate them.
  • Communication with others and social interaction: The more one’s knowledge, his social participation, and his sharing of his opinions with others, the greater his self-confidence.
  • Confidence in what is already owned and existed: It is worth mentioning that one must have confidence in the qualities, skills, and information that make him different from others; for every human being has qualities that distinguish him from other people, he must be convinced that what he possesses distinguishes him from others, and he is not ashamed of Same as long as there are qualities and things that make it distinct.
  • Increased knowledge and outcome of experiences: The more one allows himself to know new things and experience more experiences in life, the more his confidence in himself.
  • The ability to make decisions: One has to learn to balance different matters in order to be able to make his own decisions, which raises his confidence.
  • Avoid complainants and pessimists: One should avoid sitting with complainants, complainants and pessimists, as they would negatively influence him.
  • Avoid comparing with others: one should not compare himself with others, just as they have characteristics that distinguish them from others, because he also possesses characteristics that distinguish him from others, and there is no perfect person, for every person has distinct aspects and shortcomings.
  • Enhancing experiences: One has to enhance his experience on a specific topic in which he is creative, and in doing so it will become a reference for people on this topic, which will benefit him, and his confidence will inevitably increase.
  • Lack of fear and anxiety: One must always fill himself with encouraging phrases that would support him and enhance his self-confidence, even if he has had an experience and has not succeeded, he must encourage himself that he adapts him the honor of trying, and that he will succeed in the coming times.
  • Giving priority to himself in his life: one must give himself priority to the same extent that he gives to those around him; but this does not mean that one takes care of himself and ignores others only, but must balance between his needs and requirements and helping others.
  • Not being afraid or hesitating in asking: One must not be afraid or hesitate to ask others about any of the things he does not know.
  • Decisiveness in rejection: the individual must be firm, and not feel guilty about his rejection of an order.
  • Knowing the causes of self-resentment: The individual must know what causes him to be upset with himself, and then treat it.
  • Knowing and treating negatives: One has to ask the people around him about weaknesses in his personality and negatives, and treat them.
  • Offering rewards and other support: If one feels an increase in self-confidence, he must reward himself with his favorite things, such as eating his favorite food, watching his favorite TV program, etc.
  • The practice of self-acceptance: an individual can enhance his self-confidence by accepting himself, and practicing this by touching his strengths, and setting an appropriate plan to treat his weaknesses, and he must always remember his accomplishments, and avoid remembering anything that would reduce his confidence in himself, as it should One has to pay attention to whether he misbehaves or offends anyone, he must remedy that, criticize his behavior and adjust it, and not make it affect his self-confidence.
  • Searching for people and positive experiences: One must always search for experiences that send positive energy in oneself, as he must try as much as possible to deal with the positive, and avoid the negative who have a negative impact on self-satisfaction and a sense of confidence.
  • Positive thinking: One must always think in a positive way, avoid negative thoughts as possible, and he must always repeat that he is a good person and deserves attention and respect, observes his conversation with himself, and supports himself by himself.

Causes of lack of self-confidence

Usually, a person who lacks self-confidence is a anxious and tense person, as hesitation dominates his life and decisions, and he does not respect or value himself, and the reasons for lack of self-confidence are:

  • Fear and insecurity: This results from an individual feeling insecure, anxious and fearful about the future, which affects his view of himself until he leads to this lack of self-confidence, and the loss of his self-esteem and respect.
  • Frustration: Many individuals feel frustrated at various stages of their lives for many reasons. It is worth noting that frustration is a major cause of lack of self-confidence.
  • Failure: When a person fails to reach and obtain what he wants and aspires to, he will feel useless, and this would negatively affect his self-confidence.
  • Criticism: If an individual feels that any criticism is directed at his person and not his behavior, then he will lose his confidence little by little.
  • Assault: A person’s self-esteem diminishes if someone assaults him, so he must not allow any assault on him, and from any party.
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