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How to Become an Accountant



What is a professional accounting


A person who works in the field of accounting and is responsible for calculating financial information, disclosing it, and providing the necessary guarantees for it, which helps managers, investors, and tax authorities in making their decisions regarding the allocation of resources.


Accounting is not an easy profession, but working in its field professionally is not impossible, but it requires a lot of effort, patience, and accumulated experience, and in this article, we will present some steps that help in its professionalization.

Accounting Degrees & Careers How to Become an Accountant

Steps towards professional accounting


  • General Secondary Certificate: It is the certificate in which the student finishes the school stage, to transfer to the study of accounting major in institutes and universities.
  • A university degree in accounting: obtaining it depends on the average of the student in the previous stage, starting as a student of the College of Commerce, then branching out from it to study accounting for four consecutive years, and higher degrees such as Master of Accounting, or even a doctorate can be obtained.

The work

In this step, the title of an accountant is obtained, and he begins to work, gain experiences, and learn about its foundations, its basics, and ways of applying it on the ground, and the emerging accountant at this stage must work diligently and diligently; So that he can move on to the next step.

Experience certificates, and courses

This step is the beginning of the path to professionalism. It gives you some important certificates in his field, such as:

  • CPA Certificate: This symbol is an abbreviation of Certified Public Accountant, and it means the Certified Public Accountant, as this certificate is issued by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and one of the most important conditions for obtaining it is that a person holds a university degree in accounting, in addition to years of experience of not less than two years, and is valid This certificate is for bank accountants and financial managers.
  • CMA Certificate: Any Certified Management Accountant Certificate, and it means the Certified Management Accountant Certificate, and its conditions are the same as the previous ones, except that it is preferable for the applicant to have a CPA certificate, and to transfer its holder to the management accounting stage, in which the accountant analyzes the data he obtains. It makes recommendations on their basis.

Skills of a professional accountant

  • Computer skills and their applications, especially those related to accounting science.
  • Fluency in the English language is a prerequisite for obtaining the aforementioned experience certificates.
  • Honesty, ambition, high desire for self-realization, and insufficiency. Fully aware of all laws related to the accountant’s work, including taxes such as income tax, sales, and commercial law.
  • Enjoy a strong memory and high speed of mind.
  • Knowledge in mathematics: It is one of the most important skills that an accountant should be good at. Dealing with number operations, such as multiplication, subtraction, addition, division, fractions, and percentages are essential matters that contribute to providing solutions to accounting problems.
  • Attention in details: It is the skill of the accountant’s interest in focusing on small things, and as a result, the occurrence of errors during dealing with the accounting transactions of clients.

How to Become an Accountant

The importance of a successful accountant

The accounting department in all types of establishments is one of the most important functional departments; Therefore, the accountant is characterized by the importance and effectiveness in the work environment, which can be summarized according to the following points:

  • Organizing the financial statements: It is one of the first tasks of the accountant that depends on his role in maintaining financial records and working on organizing them, and the accountant is often called upon carrying out this task the name (bookkeeper); Because his contribution to organizing records and transactions saves time for managers and business owners, which helps in knowing the value of private profits or losses in the business.
  • Implementing the tax payment process: It is one of the main tasks associated with the importance of the accountant’s presence in the work environment; Employers are required to pay taxes every month, and the role of the accountant here is related to that he works on preparing tax returns and providing ideas and suggestions about managing special taxes in the work environment.
  • Contribute to saving time: It is the important role of the accountant in saving time for employers, which leads to reducing the anxiety of managers in following up accounting records, or tax appointments that the accountant is interested in following them.

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