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How to be optimistic



How to Be More Optimistic

Positive outlook on life

The individual’s outlook on life must be positive, and he must not allow negative circumstances to control his thinking and emotions, and studies in various sciences have shown that optimism affects the whole way of life and not just the way of thinking, and a person must be grateful for everything good and beautiful that happened. With him in his life, the more a person is more aware of his negative feelings and thoughts, the more permanently he turns to positive thinking.


Pick up hopeful friends

A person should spend time with his most optimistic friend, and he should also look for new friends when not having optimistic friends; Surrounding yourself with optimistic people helps them become optimistic about life, and spending time with smiling children also helps with optimism.

Writing a list of negative thoughts and analyzing them

A person can write a list of negative thoughts that occur to him, then write a list of things that support these negative thoughts, and another list of things that contradict these thoughts, and thus a person becomes more able to resist negative thoughts and follow the ideas that are opposite to them.

Try again and again

Optimists usually keep trying until the problem is solved, and studies have indicated that patience and endurance in life lead to greater success in school, and many other perks. Because perseverance, hard work, and hard work eventually leads man to his path, and thus this person’s self-confidence increases, and he becomes more optimistic, happy, and satisfied with himself.

Helping others be optimistic and positive

A person should give others positive reactions towards their actions, even if they are bad. No matter how bad this work is, it must include a positive aspect that helps to find it to give an optimistic view of this work and give the accomplished a lot of encouragement to continue and complete it.

Get away from pessimism

Some believe that pessimism protects against disappointments or reduces human exposure to harm, but these things are not true. Pessimism cannot help in planning for potential challenges, and a person can do some actual experiments to see whether pessimism performs its desired purpose or not. If the answer is no, It means reducing negativity and anxiety.

Not afraid of trying

The person has to be confident that he will succeed at the end of any new challenge he faces and to realize that the more he experiences different things, the more confident he will be able to overcome all the difficulties that he faces, and to run experiences – in addition to promoting optimism – that makes the person a stronger and better person in his work, for example. For a theater actor to be able to stand on the stage and receive various questions from the audience; Although he does not know what people will ask him, he is sure of his ability to deal with any question.

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