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8 Easy Ways to Become a Happier Person



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Every person living on the surface of the globe seeks to achieve the greatest possible psychological happiness, despite the difference of each individual from the other in tendencies, race, gender, color, customs and traditions, goals, objectives, and purposes, but they all seek one point which is happiness and tranquility, If someone asks what do you want to achieve for yourself? He will say I want to be the happiest person, and for the individual to be the happiest person, he must be able to achieve a set of steps and have the self-conviction that brings him the path of happiness, which we will introduce you to in this article.

Ways to Become a Happier Person

Doing Fun Things

A person who does the work he loves may be one of the happiest people, but when he is in a profession he does not like, or that is not rewarding, he can search for a hobby that makes him happy, such as reading books, playing volleyball, or participating in dance lessons, then he can arrange and organize his time so that he frees up space to perform these activities.

Appreciation of relationships

A person can enhance his feeling of happiness by appreciating his relationships with the people around him, and that is by caring for them, providing what he can to help them, and being there for them; Not only would he bring happiness to these people but also himself, and he could devote a part of his time and energy to telling his friends, family, and loved ones how much he cared about them.

Sleep enough hours

Many recent research studies have focused on the importance of getting enough sleep; It affects a person’s mental and physical health, in addition to its importance in enhancing memory, dealing with fear, and allowing the brain to rest so that a person can deal with the various events that face him the next day, and since people who suffer from insomnia are twice as likely to suffer from depression. For other people, it makes sense that a good night’s sleep is important when looking for happiness and health; Where a study conducted by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago showed that people who have a specific purpose in life can sleep better; So a person must also identify his main goals in life and how he can achieve them.


It is recommended to enhance the feeling of optimism by changing the perception of different things and trying to see the positive side of it, but this does not mean that the person becomes excessively optimistic; Bad things happen in life, but they should not be allowed to control all one’s expectations and hopes; Where a person must bear in mind that the good things outweigh the bad ones, he can identify negative thoughts, then evaluate the situation in general, determine how bad it is, and if there is another way to see things.

How to Be Happy Again

Expression of gratitude

Expressing gratitude can increase a person’s sense of happiness. As many people do not know the number of blessings they possess, and to know this, they should look at the people with whom tragic events occurred, or a serious illness so that they can see the positive aspects in their lives and feel gratitude, and the perception of things must be changed, for example, instead of saying “I forgot my sister My birthday” should be said, “My sister has been there for me in the most difficult times of my life.”


Exercising is one of the things that make a person happy in his life. Because it is a kind of renewal of life, providing the body with vitality and activity, and it is an abandonment of idleness, laziness, and emptiness.


One of the benefits of reading is that it matures the human mind, and introduces it to the most important wonders and oddities of the universe. Therefore, it is usually recommended to read books that call for contemplation, contemplation, contemplation, and access to ways of happiness. Care must also be taken not to acquire or read books that lead to feelings of frustration, pessimism, and despair.


Charity to people, and providing good and benefits to them; Such as alms and zakat, supporting the weak, supporting the oppressed, respecting the elderly, compassion and mercy towards young and old are among the reasons for bringing happiness to a person.

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