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How to Be Happy Easy Ways



how to stay happy when depressed


Gratitude and a feeling of gratitude and gratitude for everything good and wonderful in a person’s life is one of the most important reasons that lead him to feel happiness, as positive thinking helps a lot in raising and increasing it, so it is preferable for a person to focus on the positive things in his life, as he can, for example, Identify and write down three good things that happen to him each week to drive gratitude.

How to Be Happy

Get enough sleep

A person should be keen to get enough sleep, as sleep is necessary for maintaining the quality quality of life, and it directly affects human happiness, as it has been found in some research that people who get a small nap in the afternoon respond to emotions Positivity is more than negative feelings, and this is what may make a person positive and stimulate his feeling of happiness.

Hold on to hope

Happiness in people is usually associated with feeling hope and believing that they can do almost anything they want, in addition to expecting success in life and trying to focus on the glass half full instead of empty, and such people usually react to bad events well away from exaggeration and pessimism, So that they can consider setbacks and failures as points to start over.

Happiness tips

There are some tips through which a person can achieve happiness, including:

  • Knowing what will make them happy, as each person has unique requirements to achieve happiness for themselves.
  • Develop a plan to achieve goals that can make him happy.
  • Surround yourself with happy people because happiness is contagious.
  • Pamper yourself for a few hours by doing some nice things that help you relax or take care of yourself.
  • Find humor and situations that can increase feelings of happiness.
  • Maintaining health is one of the most important ways to happiness.

Tips for peace and psychological comfort

There are some tips by which you can achieve peace and psychological comfort:

  • Try to relax through some activities to get calm, or talk with a friend, and practice breathing slowly to get calm and psychological comfort.
  • Work to deeply calm the mind and body through meditation or yoga to feel inner freedom.
  • Mental awareness when feeling disturbed, so that the person tries to eliminate what bothers him and reach calm and peace.

How to Be Happy Again

Donate money

As the donation of money makes a person feel his humanity and his ability to assist others, so by this behavior he brings pleasure to himself, besides that it introduces a change to the concept of ownership in the person, and that people can share their happiness and joy as this donation brings joy to the souls of others and solves some of their material problems. All of this leads to feelings of spiritual happiness.

Experience what’s new

What is meant by the new here is what brings pleasure and pleasure to the person, for everything that the individual does repeatedly becomes a boring routine that the person does like a machine and does not feel any change in it. A party, all of this can bring joy and happiness to the soul, as boredom is a killer and the enemy of renewal and change.

Praise others

A person is social by nature, and this means that he cares about those around him, sits with them, and spends time with them, for example, he attends a birthday party for a friend or a relative or a graduation party, and there are happy occasions such as holidays in which individuals exchange congratulations, whether on Facebook and social networking sites or by visiting and offering congratulations face facing All this is called supportive or supportive actions that bring joy and pleasure to the heart of the person who sends various congratulations and receives responses from others.

Avoid sitting and being inactive

Where some studies have proven that people who move more feel joy and happiness more than inactive people who sit for long hours, an Australian study has proven that almost half of women who sit for more than seven hours a day are more likely to suffer from frustration and depression than other women who move and work The reason for this may be that whoever moves and works finds greater interaction with those around him, and these interactions are a bridge of friendship, love, and joy between individuals and society in general.

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