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How to be a diligent student



Ways to Be Diligent


The student must organize his study times by creating a daily list to help him arrange the affairs of his study, in addition to following the study system that helps him organize, solve and handle homework assignments, and the student can do all this on a computer.


Permanent review

Many students postpone studying and reviewing information until immediately before the exam date, and this method is not correct, as it is preferable to follow the daily review approach to the material to help in good planning and effective preparation for the study.

diligent student

Write notes

Many studies have shown that writing notes are one of the skills that contribute to increasing the mental ability to remember information, and for this, it is advised that these small notes should be rewritten to fix them in memory, and thus the ability to remember them in exams.

Tips for studying diligence

There are many tips that help you study, including:

  • A student can go to institutes that help prepare for exams, as the process of self-study or school is not considered sufficient for it.
  • Access to a pattern similar to the exams, as this method, helps to identify common patterns of questions expected in the exam, and this method also contributes to good handling of the exam paper and solution with more confidence, thus improving the academic level.
  • The study is through the mental map, and this method is based on focusing on the main concept and then branching it out into many small sections that relate to it, as it contributes to linking the terms with each other.
  • Study by reading aloud.
  • Pretend to teach someone else.
  • Read notes aloud.
  • The use of flashcards, which is a great educational tool that helps to activate memory and retrieve the information that was saved, and these cards contribute to repeating information, which is an effective way to build memory and ease information recall.

How to be a diligent student

Communicate with teachers

Misunderstanding and bad communication with teachers lead to poor grades, regardless of the extent to which the student tries to obtain good grades, so the student must be keen to understand all the duties expected of him, to avoid any misunderstanding that leads to doing the homework in a wrong way. By asking questions to ensure that the assignments are done correctly, the more questions are asked, the better the preparation.

listening to music

People differ from each other in ways that work to increase their focus, as there are some people whose focus increases when listening to music, especially when trying to understand a specific topic that may not be enjoyable to some, but the best and correct type of music must be determined to help with the study, Also, some people may not be able to concentrate when listening to music with songs, so it is recommended to only listen to music, such as piano music or Mozart’s music.

Knowing the correct learning method

Many students struggle during their study of a topic without understanding the reason, but the real reason behind this is that students do not understand how to study in a way that suits the style of their minds, some students learn auditory, through hearing things, and others learn theoretically, that is, by seeing Information using visual aids, in addition to students who learn kinematic through touch and implement practical projects, and therefore each student must examine, evaluate and determine his method of study, to take advantage of his strengths.

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