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How to attract the right people in 7 steps



We often say “show me your friends, I’ll tell you who you are.” We all have a more or less extensive and more or less healthy circle of friends. Our friends are important people in our lives, both for the moments we spend together and for what we create together. Also, the people around us and whom we frequent often have a real influence on who we are.

We are constantly evolving and sometimes our development distances us from certain friends by the different routes we take. Other times, we realize that a relationship is not what we thought of it. Finally, it also happens that, while keeping our circle close, we wanted to meet new inspirations.

If you want to develop, your circle must develop with you. To achieve your life goals, you must surround yourself with people who inspire you, go in the same direction as you and have ambitions as great for you as for themselves. It’s this dynamic that you need to move forward in what is close to your heart. Together you can create real synergies and help build yourself.


  1. Approve to be happy alone, or rather with yourself.

Many people do not appreciate being alone and will constantly seek the presence of others. This can cause them to surround themselves with people in the same situation. They do not see each other for the right reasons: they try to distract themselves so as not to face themselves. This is not the solution when you want to build yourself and attract the right people. To be good with others, you have to start by learning to be good with yourself. Take time for yourself, to take stock of your life, your plans and to relax. Go out on your own and get to know and appreciate yourself better


  1. Determine what you want Visualize the kind of people you would like to bring into your life.

For example, if you want to start your business, you know that you are about to take a difficult path. This implies that some people will support you and be positive, but also that others will try to dissuade you from it. To make the most of your chances and help your vision, you need to surround yourself with people as determined as you and who may have managed to achieve their goals themselves. Generally speaking, you need people who inspire you in this area. If you want to develop a particular skill, but none of your friends are interested, you surely want to meet people who show the same interest as you for what tempts you. Visualize the qualities you are looking for in these people.

  1. Take an interest in things and create an inspiring life

To stimulate the desire to know yourself, you need to instill something inspiring and interesting. Get out of your buble and break the routine. Try stimulating activities and go for things you enjoy. Find out what is going on in your city there are bound to be events tailored to your interests. Choose what you like and do it alone. Not only will this boost your self-confidence, but you will also learn more and be more able to talk about your experiences afterwards. It will energize you while making your life richer and more inspiring.

  1. Sort through your current relationships

We all have people in our relationships who we know are not entirely healthy for us. These toxic relationships will never pull us up. When it comes to long-time friends, these relationships seem entrenched and reassuring because they are “known.” If the relationship has become toxic, it may hold us back to a version of ourselves that we want to see evolve. We must therefore strive to move away from it to make room for new stories in line with what we are and wish to become.

  1. Go to places that inspire you

Now that you have made room for new meetings, that you have energized yourself through new activities and that you have learned to appreciate your own company, you need to meet the good people you want to attract. yours. To do this, go where they go. In other words, if you like art, painting, you want to know more about the subject and meet people in this universe, go to exhibitions, take painting lessons, etc. Along the way, you will inevitably meet people with the same approach as you and this common interest will attract you to each other.

  1. Listen to your intuition and play on spontaneity

Do not hesitate to go to people yourself. If a person intrigues or attracts you for various reasons, keep an open mind. By itself, you have nothing to lose by engaging in conversation. Follow your intuition to reach the right people. If the relationship is to be made, you will quickly feel that you vibrate at the same frequency. The idea is that you release a maximum of positive waves, it will happen by itself!

  1. Be patient

 Impatience creates an impression of ingratitude. If you are impatient to see relationships built, you risk sending the wrong message which will then tend to keep these new meetings away. The idea is to attract people, whether they come to you on their own. So don’t give the impression of wanting to keep them either. Take initiative, but don’t rush anything. Once again, being good with yourself will send a feling of well-being which in itself will be enough to make you want to share your .

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