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How do I strengthen myself in 2021?



How do I strengthen myself

Internal weakness

A person goes through some times when he feels frustration or failure as a result of the circumstances surrounding him, especially when this situation lasts for a long time, and this is often due to many psychological and social factors that affect the upbringing of a person and the strength of his personality and his internal psychological stability, and the following are some tips that benefit A person is strengthening himself from the inside.


Strengthening the psyche from the inside


  • Feeling psychological stress as a result of adherence to family and social responsibilities reduces the ability to deal strongly with others, and to increase inner strength, many experts advise practicing meditation exercises that prevent distorting self-confidence, and they can be done in several simple ways at home, the most important of which is sitting in a quiet place and playing soft music In a low voice and try to think of joyful things instead of thinking about problems and the future.
  • Aerobic exercise is important in strengthening a person internally; Because the body produces endorphins that are effective in improving mood and psychological stability when doing moderate exercise, in addition to the constant that a healthy and strong body gives its owner more confidence and strength when dealing with others, with the development of mental activity significantly.
  • Recovering the activities and hobbies that give happiness and satisfaction to a person can transform his psychological state and life for the better. Whatever hobby a person practices, he must allocate time for it from the day to enjoy it, and at the end of the day, he writes down the most important things that he has succeeded in doing, which is what increases a person’s confidence in his ability to complete tasks, whatever they are.

With the others

  • The most important advice to strengthen oneself through dealing with others is to show the true feelings in dealing, through clear and direct words and facial expressions. Hiding distress from some behavior leads to the accumulation of negative feelings that weaken the self.
  • There is a big difference between self-confidence and vanity, for an arrogant person is a person who is not confident in himself and cannot do much, while confident is always inclined to humility that is accompanied by strength, and the ability to forgive and forgive, in addition to the virtue of objective self-criticism and work to correct the mistakes that occur without feeling inferior. That afflicts the arrogant.
  • Self-confidence cannot be lost in front of others in any way, so it is important to train to internalize negative emotions and control oneself through breathing exercises and meditation, which makes the person admire others and thus becomes more powerful and confident.

Be positive

A person goes through many obstacles in life, and the process of choosing the positive side of the experience instead of indulging in the negativity is a decision that the person makes himself. If he wants to maintain good mental and mental health, he should not let negative emotions and thoughts affect his life and decision, and think positively always to strengthen Himself and his personality.

Pursuit of dreams

Psychological strength stems from the pursuit of achieving personal dreams that a person desires, so keeping up with the dream is a way and means to strengthen mental and mental health, away from the opinions of others that may be negative at times, so it is recommended to strive and work seriously to achieve dreams and succeed in life to enjoy a strong personality Independent who knows what she wants from life and ignores negative people.

Take care of physical health

Mental and mental health depends on good physical health, and mental health cannot be achieved without paying attention to physical health, such as attention to good sleep, healthy food, exercise, and other healthy habits that will build a strong body that gives a person healthy and strong mental and psychological health.

Spending time with family and friends

Studies show that spending special times with family and loved ones is very important for mental health, so it is recommended to make sure to allocate time to spend enjoyable times with loved ones, friends, and family away from life’s concerns.

Abandon bad habits

Bad habits reduce self-confidence, weaken the psychological and mental health of a person over time, and increase his feelings of guilt, so it is advisable to abandon one of the bad habits as this improves mental health and strengthens the person’s self-confidence.

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