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How do I face the audience and getting ready



How do I face the audience

Fear of confronting the audience

Many life activities require speaking to the audience, but this confrontation is one of the most difficult things that a person faces when talking with others due to feelings of fear, anxiety, tension, and lack of self-confidence, as his way of speaking is affected as well as his interaction is affected, which increases his feeling of discomfort It pushes him to try to find out the correct methods to confront the audience, and in this article, we will introduce you to these methods.


How do I face the audience

Getting ready

Preparing to confront the public is one of the first steps necessary to eliminate a large percentage of fear that a person may feel if he is not ready for it, which requires preparing oneself to speak in an understandable and sophisticated manner, and preparing the material that will be delivered or talked about while trying to move away from memorization, because It will lead the audience to feel bored, and it must be noted that this willingness is by presenting the focus of the conversation to a group of friends or family members, and talking with them as if they are the real audience that will confront it.

Demonstrate knowledge of the topic

Showing knowledge of the topic and surrounding it from all sides indicates that the person knows more than the audience he or she speaks with, which ensures that he receives attention and listening from the audience because if they had known all the information that the interlocutor possessed, they would not have come to listen to him.

Pay attention to body language

To be able to face the audience, a person must preserve his body language, his movements, and gestures so that he is active and lively, and not inert or heavy movement, and try to surround everyone with his gaze, preserving the language of the eyes, without being negatively affected by the expressions of the audience’s faces, in addition to To the need to maintain the tone of his voice so that he does not speak too loudly, but rather in an understandable and clear voice.

Confidence in the information displayed

Everyone who wants to speak with another group must be confident of the information he provides them. Because granting him that field means that they trust him, or that he has something important to talk about, and it is necessary to point out the need to convince oneself that the audience did not listen to the person interviewing them because they want to evaluate or judge him, but because they want to gain knowledge from him.

Do breathing exercises

The person is supposed, while heading to face the audience, to practice breathing exercises to reduce his tension and anxiety, so that he takes a deep breath, then exits it slowly, and smiles so that his body can send a signal to the brain to feel the improvement of the situation, in addition to the need to walk in balanced and slow steps, and to maintain the appropriate posture. Necessary to talk, then start the topic of discussion.

Maintain calm

The person should remain calm and not speak with excessive enthusiasm. Because this will negatively affect the way of speaking, making him vulnerable to public criticism.

Practice the art of recitation

A person must practice performing the speech in front of others so that he can master the art of recitation, and not feel a failure if he fails in his first performance, because when he gets used to the matter his self-confidence will increase, and he will see speaking in front of the audience as a normal matter that does not need all the tension and fear that He felt it at first.

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