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How do I arrange my life easily !



Keep private property in a designated location

It is recommended that you always leave private property such as mobile phones, tablets, and keys in the same place. For example, in a place at the entrance to the house to avoid wasting time searching for it, and private things can be stored in suitable places for them, and to ensure that they are stored in an organized, non-random manner, and mark them to facilitate access to them later.


Create a list of tasks

It is advised to create a list of required tasks on a daily basis, and to make sure to record all tasks, whether large or small, to complete them on the same day and to avoid postponing them, and it is also recommended to create this list at the beginning or at the end of the day so that the individual has a clear picture of the tasks required of him on the next day.

Follow a specific daily routine

It is advised to follow a certain daily routine and adhere to it to help perform various tasks, and following a daily routine improves brain health and motivates it to create good habits.

Determine a schedule for performing tasks

It is advised to set a specific time limit for performing tasks; With the aim of using time and avoiding wasting it and feeling its value, and that is by setting a time to perform each task during the day and adhering to it, and to be careful to avoid grooming or delaying daily tasks, and to make efforts to complete them as soon as possible.

Reorganize things periodically

It is advisable to periodically rearrange and arrange things; For example, once a week; Because things do not remain organized on their own for a long time, and it is advisable to set a specific date for reorganizing things and adhere to it, and to make sure to keep only the things that are used, and to dispose of unused things, whether by selling them, donating them or recycling them; Because unused things cause clutter and take up large spaces.

Use a notebook

It is recommended that you take notes and daily tasks on a notebook or laptop computer to help you remember tasks at hand.

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