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Healthy Sleep: How Much Sleep Do I Need?



how many hours is a healthy sleep

Healthy sleep

The human body needs food, drink, and healthy and sufficient sleep to remain active and strong throughout the day. Sleeping for a certain number of hours has a significant role and impact on human health. Obtaining it keeps him in good health, and avoids many problems and diseases that he may be exposed to; for each age stage, a person goes through a certain number of hours, which we will get to know later, in addition to learning about the different benefits of sleep.

how many hours of healthy sleep

Healthy sleep hours

The number of healthy hours of sleep varies from one person to another, according to age. A newborn child under three months needs between fourteen to seventeen hours, and a child between four and eleven months needs between twelve and fifteen hours. Between the age of one and two years, he needs between eleven and fourteen hours.

A child between the ages of three and five needs between ten and thirteen hours, a child between six and thirteen hours needs between nine and eleven hours, an adolescent between the ages of fourteen and seventeen needs between eight and ten hours, and a person of eighteen Even the age of sixty-four needs between seven and nine hours of sleep, and those over the age of sixty-four need between eight and nine hours a day.

Effects of not getting enough sleep

The nature of a person’s sleep at night affects his mental and physical health, his feeling of activity, and his performance during the day; Where sleep affects productivity, emotional balance, brain and heart health, body immunity, creativity, vitality, and even weight, and lack of sleep affects human health, and the following are the most prominent effects of lack of sleep:

  • After a night without sleep, people suffer from fatigue, irritability, and lack of focus the next day, but it does not affect their health.
  • The psychological effects become more severe after several nights of insomnia; This makes the mind confused, making it difficult to focus and make decisions, and the risk of injury and accidents increases at home, at work, and while driving.
  • Lack of sleep, if it continues, affects general health; Where people are exposed to heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

How many hours of sleep are enough for good health

Sleep benefits

Sleep has many benefits for the body, including the following:

  • The mind works during sleep to strengthen memory; So if a person is looking for better performance in any activity he wants, he should sleep well.
  • According to many studies, good and comfortable sleep reflects positively on the intimate relationship between spouses.
  • There is a great relationship between not sleeping enough hours and an increase in weight, so less sleep leads to weight gain.
  • Not getting enough sleep leads to danger while driving.
  • Sleeping for enough hours makes a person calm at work, but when not sleeping well leads to increased stress and anxiety in many cases.
  • Sleeping for sufficient hours rids the body of stress, psychological stress, and nervousness.
  • Strengthening immunity against various diseases. People who sleep for less than seven hours a day are more likely to contract many illnesses, especially influenza in the winter.
  • Maintaining the freshness and beauty of the skin, lack of good sleep causes fatigue and pallor of the skin.

What are the best times to sleep and wake up?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends sleeping between 8 pm and midnight, and you can adjust the times for sleeping and waking up by setting the alarm daily at a certain hour, as the body will naturally adjust itself to the same time, and it is worth noting that the human body and brain respond naturally to the cycles of nature. , such as sunrise and sunset; Therefore, they are important in regulating sleep and wake times, and accordingly, the best time to wake up is at sunrise, and a regular sleep routine and quality are equally important in helping to improve sleep.

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