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Hawaiian Islands: Tourism, climate, location and places



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Hawaiian Islands

The area of the Hawaiian Islands is estimated at 166.642 square kilometers, and the population of this archipelago is more than 1,211.537 million. The city (Honolulu is the capital of the Hawaiian Islands, and it is the largest city in it about the number of its inhabitants, and Hawaii comes in the form of a group of successive islands, There are twenty-three islands, and the main islands are nineteen.

Where are the Hawaiian Islands located?

The Hawaiian Islands are located in the United States of America, and it is considered one of its states, Hawaii comes in the form of multiple islands called an archipelago, located in the Pacific Ocean that most of the states overlook. It is considered to be located in the far south of the United States, and it is worth noting that Hawaii, in addition to the state of Alaska, are the only ones that do not have borders with any of the other states, and Hawaii is also the only American state that is not considered in the geographical division as being within North America, as it is surrounded by water on all four sides.

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Discover the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands were discovered in 1778 AD by Captain Cook, and for a long time remained dependent on the Crown and the British Royal Chair. The United States, however, was rejected by the United States, until it was declared as a republic in 1898, and it gained its independence. However, in 1900 CE, a vote on its inclusion of the states was voted on by the US Congress, and Hawaii was adopted as an American state.

Hawaiian islands Peaks

The land of Hawaii is the peaks of mountainous baskets, of volcanic origin, submerged in the Pacific Ocean, and its western tip is the oldest, and there are many volcanoes, and there are very high peaks, but the highest peaks are Maunaloa, which reaches a height equal to 13,000 feet above sea level, and this summit is volcanic in origin, and its volcano erupts from time to time.

The climate of the Hawaiian Islands

The climate of this state is characterized as a tropical climate, as well as islands, but it is not stable in all places in it. It falls in most months and seasons of the year, but the major precipitations are in November, and also in April, and given that the state of Hawaii is located in the southern part of the United States of America, it and all of its islands are located in the equator, and it is the only state that falls within the equator.

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The size and popularity of the island

The island of Hawaii is the largest in the entire archipelago, with an area of approximately 10,432 square kilometers; It was formed by five separate volcanic eruptions, and it is also called the “Big Island”; There is no other island of the archipelago comparable in size, which makes it highly dependent on tourism, although it was one of the main areas producing sugar cane, and the agricultural sector thrives on the island through the production of papaya, macadamia, and coffee, along with the famous Kona coffee.

Tourism in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands receive more than 7 million tourists each year, and its tropical climate is considered one of the tourist attractions throughout the year, especially during the winter season. The economic stagnation in Japan, where China and South Korea are now visited, and these tourists spend more than 25% compared to Japanese tourists.

Topography of the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands are characterized by a diversity of terrain, including misty plateaus, rocky cliffs, tropical coastal areas, lava deserts, bamboo and fern forests, as well as the presence of the summit of Mount Mauna Kea, and the summit of the mountain is often covered with snow, and volcanoes exist and serve as a natural barrier to the winds The driest area is located on the western side of the island.

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