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The Secret to Having a Happy Marriage



the secret of happy married life

Simple secrets for the success of any married life

Creating a healthy marriage full of love, happiness, and emotional stability is not easy, but it takes effort from both spouses to support their married life, and maintain its success.

But! The nature of the relationship may differ from family to family, or country to country, or city to city, or belief to belief, or whatever the differences in circumstances, but there are common human secrets that nearly 7 and a half billion people can share, we have summarized the most important of them according to the opinions of specialists:

Focus, listen, and listen during meetings

Usually, the advice of congratulation with the partner and its details are combined in the sum of the advice directed to the man in particular, due to his preoccupations, his travels, his absence, and a large spectrum of women may agree on the idea that the man is absent even if he is present! Because of his distraction from her and her presence and her speech, the man may reply that my work and responsibilities require me to be busy and focus on work and other matters to believe in my role a decent life for my family!

And the mediating solution between the two parties is to have a holy time that brings together the spouses, even for only one hour a day. The man sits with his wife and listens to her and her concerns, and she hears from you in return. We advise you not to just listen because she likes to see you share your concerns and interests too!

Directing this advice to men only does not mean that it does not apply to women either. The man, by his human nature and his natural needs, needs someone to listen and listen to his concerns, so women are advised to allocate time for her husband away from the phone, home concerns, children’s requirements, with concentration and full listening to what he shares and she shares what is inside her in return. . Focusing with the partner, even if it is taken as a habit and a family approach such as the daily food dish, will solve many problems that the couple did not know were caused by simple lack of focus in communication, a solution that does not require great effort, but it has a magical effect as advised by experts and specialists.

secrets to happy married life

Renewable and non-routine lifestyle

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about changing the system that the spouses have been accustomed to, perhaps for years, is only new material costs and new burdens, and this belief is incorrect! A wife or husband can change their routine and routine without increasing any financial burden, by switching roles, unusual family visits, watching a movie together, playing some family games together, reading a book, and discussing it together.

Mutual and apparent trust for both parties

Honesty is the basis of a successful relationship between spouses, so each of them must strive to be trustworthy to the other, and both must trust each other.

Good communication between spouses

The spouses should always strive to acquire good communication skills with each other, and open the door to discussion in a civilized manner; To strengthen the relationship between them.

Tips for a happy married life

Putting married life at the top of the priority list

Both spouses have many responsibilities in their lives, such as caring for and taking care of parents, children, visiting friends, and working. The other life, and try to allocate enough time to spend with the partner.

Participation in raising children

Both spouses should share the responsibility for raising the children, and a happy and safe family atmosphere should be provided for them by exchanging words of love in front of them, always showing affection and respect for each other, planning weekly family sessions to discuss the things that each family member has gone through, and allowing children to express their opinion on The important matters of the family, even if it is the last decision of the parents; Because it affects the psychological stability of children.

Tips for a happy married life

In the beginning, married life is at its most beautiful, where passion, love, and passion are at their peak, and then the relationship enters the stage of the routine. There are some tips and guidelines to help a person who is looking for a happy married life that will last forever, including the following:

  • Partner appreciation: Both spouses need appreciation and attention from the other party, for everything they provide to the other in all aspects of his life.
  • Taking care of the external appearance: Both spouses should be keen to take care of the external appearance as the years of marriage progress, and not neglect dress, hairdressing, or maintaining dental hygiene even if the tasks to be accomplished daily increase, especially with the presence of children who take the most time of care, attention.
  • Overcoming small problems and forgiving the partner: The marital relationship, like other relationships, is subjected to bickering, and many problems, some of them are small and can be overcome, and some need actual treatment, so when any problem occurs, you must be patient, and silence for a short period, so that both parties can review the events of the problem, and find solutions to it without deepening it further, and the partner must remind himself of the positives of his partner, and that he deserves forgiveness, no matter what he did.
  • Accept the partner’s flaws: All people have positive and negative qualities, no human being has only positive qualities, so both spouses must accept and overcome each other’s flaws, and focus only on the positive and distinctive qualities on the other end.
  • Keeping in touch: The spouses are preoccupied with work, children, family, and various life affairs, and their conversation or communication may always be focused on these matters, such as discussing the monthly household budget, or who will accompany the child to school, or things that happen with parents outside the framework of their lives, and others Of things, so the spouses should try to talk about themselves regularly and continuously, even if it is for a short period of the day, and it is possible to do this before bed, or while drinking coffee together, or on the weekend, or by exchanging text messages during Today while they are busy with their work.
  • Knowing the events that the partner is going through: Both partners assume their full knowledge of each other, but over time the person changes naturally through the experiences he is exposed to in his life, and his interests, fears, and what he loves or hates, so the partner must remain curious to know all Matters related to his partner by asking questions about what he went through during his day, about his interests or what he likes and what raises his fears and concerns.
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