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Greece islands: location, tourism and islands



Beautiful Islands In Greece

Greece island groups

Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands are located on the Saronic Gulf near the city of Athens, so they were given this name. These islands are distinguished by their unique nature and architecture, along with their attractive atmosphere, which makes them home to many residents, and a haven for various Tourists who come to spend holidays, here are some of the most prominent islands of the Saronic island group: Salamis, Aegina, Hydra, Poros, Spetses and Dokos.

The Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades Islands are located in the southeast of Greece, specifically on the southern side of the Aegean Sea. Kéa, Melos, Mýkonos, Páros and Tínos, the Cyclades island group is characterized by the presence of many white houses and windmills, in addition to its archaeological importance that contributes to attracting many tourists to it, as well as It is famous for exporting leather, tobacco, pottery, and handicraft products.

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Northern Aegean Islands

The North Aegean Islands consist of a group of islands that are not geographically related to each other, as they are distributed between Greece and Turkey, but they share administrative matters. Warm, and here are some of its main islands: Samos, Lesbos, Lemnos, and Psara.

Dodecanese Islands

The Dodecanese Islands are located in the southeastern side of Greece, extending along the Aegean Sea, covering a geographical area of about 2,670 km2, and consisting of 12 main islands, and 150 other islands, but the number of inhabited islands of them is only 26, and the following are some The most prominent islands of this group are: Kárpathos, Pátmos, Astipálaia, Rhodes and Kálimnos.

Sporades Islands

The Sporades group of islands extending along the eastern coast of Greece consists of 24 islands, most of them are uninhabited. The number of inhabited is about 4 islands only: Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos, and Skiros. (Skyros), the Sporades Islands are divided geographically into five main regions: Thessalian, Thracian, Southern, Western, and Eastern Sporades.

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Ionian Islands

The group of Ionian Islands is traditionally called the Heptanese because it contains 7 main islands: Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia, and Zakynthos Zakynthos and Kythira, in addition to many small islands, lies off the western coast of Greece, extending from the Albanian coast to the southern tip of the Peloponnese, and covering a geographical area of approximately 2,307 km2.

Greece islands

Greece is characterized by many islands that constitute an important part of the country’s civilization and culture, and their numbers range between 1,200-6,000 islands, most of which are uninhabited, as the number of inhabited islands ranges between 167-227 only, and the Greek islands have been divided into several major groups depending on the size and location of each island, and among these groups: the Saronic Islands, the Cyclades Islands, the Northern Aegean Islands, the Dodecanese Islands, and others. , followed by the island of Euboea, which is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Orbis (Euripus Strait).

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