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How to get over your fear of flying



How to get over your fear of flying

Plane phobia

Airplane phobia is a common psychological condition among many people, and the severity of feeling it may differ from one person to another. Where we find some cases in which the individual remains under the influence of thinking about a disaster that happened and witnessed it, and he continues to live in a state of anxiety and panic just thinking about it, even if everything is fine, and this matter may disrupt many interests, especially for businessmen and people whose work depends on travel Constantly, it is also related to the fear of things related to flying, such as fear of enclosed spaces, fear of heights, or fear of kidnapping and terrorist gangs.

Flight phobia treatment

The treatment of aerophobia depends on alleviating the fear that some people experience when boarding the plane so that the matter does not spread and turn into a psychological state for them, and the treatment is divided into several sections, namely:

Fear of flying

Medical education

People who suffer from a fear of flying must be educated about some principles of flying, how airplanes work, and some procedures and precautions that are taken in the event of any malfunction, especially for people who are afraid of engine failures in airplanes, thinking that if the engine malfunctions, the plane will crash directly, so They must be informed that the engine is only responsible for increasing the thrust and speed in the aircraft, and in the event of an engine failure the aircraft can land easily and without problems.


Psychological and behavioral therapy

The patient must be told that he shares this fear with millions around the world and that he is not the only one who suffers from this disorder; Where he can find a solution to this problem either completely or partially, and the patient can be treated gradually through some devices that can be used in this case; Where an atmosphere is created similar to what the patient fears, and he is exposed to some of the things that he may encounter on the plane, and thus this may reduce the severity of his disease, and the doctor can ask the sick person to visit an airport and watch the planes take off and land without problems.

Drug therapy

The doctor can prescribe some types of medication to the patient only in the event of travel, and these medications may help him relax, and in some cases, the doctor can prescribe medication continuously according to the difficulty of the disease or the frequency of travel.

extreme fear of flying

Ways to reduce the fear of flying

  • Relax well, and breathe deeply several times, this will reduce the tension you feel.
  • Tell a member of the flight crew that you have a fear of planes; He is certainly better able to ease your fears and help you.
  • Find things to keep you busy while you take off. You can listen to some music or read a book.
  • Knowing extensive information about the aircraft, its mechanism of operation, and the means of safety and protection in it, because this relieves the traveler and reduces his fear, as the constant ignorance and ambiguity about the operation of the aircraft increases the traveler’s fear and makes him constantly reluctance to use it, and the traveler must be defined with the term air turbulence during travel to reduce Tension if encountered during his flight in the air.
  • Practicing some relaxation exercises before boarding the plane, is one of the successful means to overcome all forms of tension, and this is by some stretching exercises, deep and slow breathing, listening to the Qur’an or favorite music, or playing with children, which relieves feelings of constriction and relaxes the body.
  • Take some sleep before heading to the flight, because adequate sleep helps calm the body, and insomnia increases stress during the flight.
  • Avoid looking while the plane door is closed, and occupy yourself with something else that is enjoyable and pleasing to the soul.
  • Dealing comfortably with those around and neighbors on the plane and speaking spontaneously, fun and smiling with passengers and flight attendants to forget the possible atmosphere of tension and turmoil.
  • Choose light meals during the flight that does not increase stress.
  • Stay away from the seat next to the window and replace it with the middle seat, and avoid looking down from the window or looking at the movement of the aircraft wings.
  • Occupy the hours of travel by watching a favorite series or movie to pass the time.
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