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Facebook risks and damages



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The continuous development in the means of communication and modern media has led to a real revolution in scientific progress that has led to fundamental changes covering all areas of life. The effects of these changes have appeared on groups and individuals, whether at the local or global level, leaving behind new phenomena and direct effects that led to the existence of Many life problems.


Social media has had its impact and its role in this development, as it is an essential part of a person’s daily life. On the other hand, these means have made the world smaller, as they have contributed to a qualitative shift in the lives of peoples, and have become the means affecting the individual in all the events of his day, so I opened it for him The prospects for knowing the world and making it known to new cultures and countries that it has not visited, or is difficult to reach, transcending the natural borders that separate nations, starting with new spaces that are not constrained by limitations or bordered by borders.

Facebook risks and damages

Facebook has many dangers and damages, the effect of which affects the individual and society in all aspects of life. These include :

Facebook harms children

  • Children become victims of those who engage in aggressive behavior through their Facebook pages.
  • Children have been harassed or attacked by colleagues, and Facebook has been used as a means of ridicule and mockery of others.
  • The unpredictability of the risks surrounding the child or the psychological or emotional state he lives in, unlike the natural environment, such as the home environment, or the school environment; it is considered one of the best ways to predict the risks to the child.
  • Excessive use of Facebook, and modern technology, which negatively affects the health of children and individuals in the pre-adolescence age, as they are more vulnerable to mental disorders such as tension, depression, and suffering in the face of future problems.
  • Lost children’s time and waste on browsing sites without interest, and talking about useless things.

Facebook damages to adults

  • The problems of life are exacerbated; real life is not without problems facing people, but with Facebook these problems exacerbate and conflicts multiply and spread at a wide range and more speed, the person may publish in a moment of anger living, or a moment of impulsion that he feels is difficult to undo, and he feels the magnitude of the problem , And the condition that made him worse by hastening and publishing things would have been better not to publish it.
  • Internet users post personal information that harms them and their friends, and helps strangers locate them, use them to tamper with them, and harm their reputation and their families.
  • Wasting time and wasting it sitting long hours on the Facebook page, which leads to a loss of realism, living in the virtual world, the person’s inability to balance different activities, the duties assigned in the practical aspect, and the obligations of friends in the Facebook world.
  • Watching inappropriate content from users.
  • The possibility of inappropriate contact with people, which subsequently leads to the development of these relationships and their exit on the ground.
  • Defame and offend others as a result of verbal posts, photos or videos posted on Facebook expressing anger.
  • Its users display frequent mental disorders such as mania, tendency towards hostility, and anti-social behaviors.
  • Burying the real talents of the individual, activities, and hobbies. He spends long hours in front of Facebook without practicing any activity on the ground, so his production decreases, his physical flexibility decreases, and he is lazy and wasted.

Facebook damages related studies

Several studies have examined the impact of Facebook’s use on youth, their personalities, academic achievement, and communication with others around them. These studies include :

  • Areen Karpinski study: This study aimed to demonstrate the impact of the use of Facebook on the achievement of academic students, and this study was conducted on 219 students, and it was concluded that the scores obtained by addicted students to browse Facebook are much lower than the scores obtained by their counterparts who do not use the site itself And the study found that the more a student browses the site, the lower his score and achievement in the exams. The study also shows that the people who spend more time on the site devote less time to study.
  • Michelle Fanson’s study: This study aimed to identify the impact of the use of the Internet on social relations. The study was conducted on 1,600 young people who use social networking sites, especially Facebook. The result was that more than half of them spend more time on Facebook than that time they spend with real friends or With their families, the study also showed that they talk less on the phone, and watch TV less for others.
  • Eversive Company study: This study was conducted on women who use Facebook, and it showed that 85% of them are being harassed, 80% of them have been affected by Facebook users’ habits and experiences, and 85% of them expressed their feelings of annoyance and resentment of the actions of friends and friends on Facebook because of the high boasting and stubbornness It is far from reality; like a comfortable life, and the perfect quiet life.

Facebook’s importance

The presence of social networks in general, and Facebook in particular, has its impact and usefulness in creating a qualitative leap at all levels in the field of communication between individuals and groups, where the importance of Facebook appears in the results and effects of its existence, as its presence affected the social, political, cultural, and humanitarian spheres Indeed, Facebook has become one of the most important factors of social change, and it is one of the most dangerous means by which it is possible to spy on the privacy of individuals, due to the increasing number of users daily, as one study showed that it joins Facebook every day more than 200 thousand people.

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