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Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Manson




Mark Manson from Austin, Texas, in the United States. He moved to Boston to study and graduated from Boston University in 2007.

Mark Manson started his first blog in 2009 as a marketing channel for his dating advice business and then moved on to the mobile business.

About the book

Have you ever wondered why the increased possibility of communication between people seems to make them more hateful? And have you ever wondered what makes people feel more anxious and miserable despite their getting easier?

Okay, buckle up! … Uncle Mark will take you on a new journey! Just as his book, “The art of not giving a f*ck“, questioned our usual conventional wisdom about what makes us happy, so Ruin: A Book on Hope calls into question all our assumptions about what makes life worth living.

We live in a remarkable time! Materially, everything is better than ever before – we are now freer and happier than any previous generation in human history. But everything seems – for some reason – as horribly bad.

At this moment in history, when education, technology and communication that our ancestors did not dream of became within our reach, many of us return and find ourselves under the weight of an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. So what’s the matter? That’s what Mark Manson is trying to get us out of.

Manson published his book, The Art of Indifference, in 2016, and it has achieved brilliant success in identifying the contours of the persistent hidden anxiety that permeates modern life. He showed us that the unrelenting drive that our modern life has created in our souls to strive for happiness only succeeds in making us less happy than before. The result was a book that turned into a global phenomenon, selling millions of copies all over the world and ranked first in thirteen countries. And now, with “Desolation: A Book on Hope,” Manson shifts his gaze from the inescapable flaws of everyone’s soul to the endless disasters of the world around us. Manson draws on the field of psychology research on these topics, and on the timeless ideas of many philosophers, explaining politics, religion, our relationships with money, the Internet, and the world of entertainment, and how excessive good things can eat us alive psychologically, and he unequivocally challenges our definitions of faith, happiness, and freedom. Even for hope itself.


Pain is an inevitable thing, but suffering is always a choice, and there is always a difference between what we live and how we interpret what we live!

This is the challenge before us, and this is our goal: to move and do without hope. Do not hope for what is better, but be better. Be better at this moment, in the next moment, in the next moment, and the moment after.

Our psychological makeup needs hope so that we can continue life if we do not believe that there is hope that the future will be better than the present and that our life will improve in some way, then we die spiritually!

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