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The subconscious mind, meditation

Chinese yoga

Chinese monks have developed physical exercises, breathing, and meditation methods that improve physical health and spiritual well-being. These exercises are known as “dao yin” which means guidance and extension, and the more well-known name for these exercises is the name of “Chinese yoga”, which also achieves physical and psychological balance and relieves body pain. And it heals it, through body stretching exercises, various postures, and the practice of purposeful meditation, and Chinese yoga has three main goals, namely:

  • Increase the vital energy that moves and circulates inside the body.
  • Learn the secrets of the body, breathing, and mind, and understand the relationship between them, and how to exploit this relationship.
  • Increase flexibility and physical strength, and gain smooth and deep breathing, to enhance all physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.



Neigong practices by coordinating the body’s movements with specific breathing techniques that increase inner strength, by matching internal energy with external energy. Where it is possible to exploit internal strength to reduce the impact of physical activities by reducing the effort to do them, focusing on joint movement, the flexibility of the body, strengthening the skeleton and increasing harmony in the movement of body parts together, as Neigong exercise helps to stretch, expand, contract, and close the body’s muscles Continuous, making the body agile enough to move very quickly, thus activating the various body systems to release its energy to get rid of toxins. Some of the basic principles of the Neigong Exercise are:

  • Letting go of the stress that results from psychological or external causes is essential to improving health.
  • Increasing self-awareness about the body’s internal physical structure is important for improving health as well.
  • The body has something that can be described as an energy field, which is generated and preserved through the natural breathing of the body, and this is according to the traditional Chinese belief known as “qi”, and it is believed that “qi” is the energy of life inside every person, transmitted and flowing in the body and helping all the internal organs.
  • Sometimes giving up muscles when performing certain techniques and postures.
  • The constant feeling of harmony in all the organs and parts of the body in one integrated and powerful unit.
  • Harmony between good breathing techniques, and the development of inner peace and calm.

Focus exercise

This exercise is done by focusing on the inner energy and liberating the mind from any thinking, by sitting in a comfortable place, breathing normally, focusing on inhalation and exhalation, and using the word “inhale” when introducing air into the body, and the word “exhaling” when expelling air from the body. And repeat that several times.

Increased sense of inner energy

The feeling of inner energy can be increased by:

  • Listening well to the feelings of others, supporting them and understanding their needs.
  • Staying close to positive and self-favored people.
  • Spending time in nature.
  • Help others.
  • Determine the goal of life.
  • Slow down in everything.
  • Seeking support from others.
  • Doing work that nourishes the body, mind and heart, such as: healthy eating, sleeping, playing, and meditation. Participate in meaningful community actions.
  • Kindly accept reality as it is.

Benefits of inner strength

The inner strength that can be obtained through practicing internal systems in self-defense gives us great and strong power, not to fight a physical attacker, but to fight diseases by keeping us in a permanent state of balance, this may seem mystical, but the matter is completely different from anything natural The human brain is so powerful, that it can make us feel bad, or make us feel good, make us happy or feel sad, and it enables us to accumulate wealth, or change our circumstances in one way or another, and this is the inner energy that I am talking about that we can We gain it by practicing some methods, for example, “Taijiquan”.

The real reason for doing internal energy exercises like “Taijiquan” is that you will eventually have strength in your mind! You will find that you will simply be able to make anything happen and that you will do so, all methods of bringing in inner strength can help you with this through prayer, meditation, etc.

Requirement to obtain internal energy

Nevertheless, some things have to be done, let go of some things, and make sacrifices to have the real thing, so if you want to have something like inner energy or get something and make it happen in your life, you must be willing to give up something from To invest in profit, learning inner energy methods will require a lot of patience and a lot of sacrifices such as time, money and effort towards this noble goal.

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