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Domestic violence in corona times



Domestic violence? ..Let’s act smart!

The covid-19  crisis has been all over the world and it took longer than  we expected!

Actually, this quarantine made us as a union of human being  living  the same situation in different conditions, everywhere all over the world. And social media has proved this right! With sharing feeds, stories, tweets every single day. People are posting different things showing one to another how they are dealing with it. Having fun with their family, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, but the funny thing is that at some point of time we all share the same feeling, we are bored while we are staying at the home, and may be complaining about it which made me think of  people who are having an opposite situation, suffering inside their homes, living in bad circumstances, enduring hunger cold, or even  more precisely suffering from  domestic violence!

Here is a fact, during these containment practicing quarantine measures, and while dealing with the Corona pandemic, many women, girls, boys.. find themselves particularly exposed to violence in a place where they need to be more protected, this is what I found when ,  I searched online about it and it is  incredible terrifying news: the amount of this occurrence is going up day after day,  and the hotlines are lighting up in a crazy way with abuse reports.


Also, I  found out that there is a  governmental warning about it , and one of the most serious speeches I want to share with you guys is this video of  United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres  and referring to him this crisis  has become not only a challenge to global health systems, but a test to the world  to check our humanity , our tolerance and acceptance towards each other, people are losing jobs, career, and many sectors are going down,so as a responsible member of your community the little thing you can do is to stop violence and help these people

Here is the  video  illustrating the situation:

How can we act smart against it ?

I wondered how can we behave in an intelligent way against it, during this time, because generally the victims are sacred, self-sabotaging or may be  ashamed from this situation and refuse to seek for help, well, the only weapon that we all have access to today , is social media and  I think that using a secure  simple hashtag like #covid19_dv  is the best way to call for help when sharing any kind of feed ,a status a picture, a video, or a story .. it doesn’t matter.

In other words, if by any chance you are having a specific domestic violence situation you or anyone else you know,  your  friends, your family can be really supportive, but they will never get you out of it, so the smart way to end it, is to give a hand to yourself,  take a step and stop the drama from repeating its self!

To finish please share this with your friends because you may save a life doing two clicks thus we must re-share the victims post whenever we see the hashtag #covid19_dv  or #nomore_dv on your Facebook, Intrgram or Twitter  account o any post including a dometic violence situation.



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