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What Is Computer Engineering?



what is Computer engineeringwhat is Computer engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is one of the branches of electronic engineering, and it generally specializes in three areas: computer hardware, computer hardware software, and computer software applications. Computer engineers design computers and their software, and then supervise these designs from the moment they are planned to the time they are built. A successful computer engineer must combine education and personal skills while working. Computer engineers usually work in research laboratories, which are responsible for designing and testing various types of computer hardware.


Computer engineering fields of work

Computer engineers work in the fields of computer hardware and software. The work differs in the two fields as follows:

Computer engineering

Workers in the field of hardware

Those working in the field of solid hardware conduct research, in addition to designing and developing this hardware, and testing its health and quality, all of which require the availability of good skill in the field of electrical engineering. Examples of the types of hardware that computer engineers specialize in include:

  • Microprocessors.
  • Memory of computer devices: which includes random access memory (RAM), in addition to read-only memory (ROM), and flash memory (flash memory) rewritable.
  • Data storage devices: hard disks, solid-state storage media (SSDs), and optical drives.
  • Input devices: including keyboard, mouse, copier, microphone, touch screen, joystick, scanners, and others.
  • Output devices: such as screens, audio devices (such as headphones), remote control devices, printers, and others.
  • Network equipment: such as modems, routers, and switches.

Computer software workers

Computer engineers working in the field of computer software specialize in many types of programs and applications, including the following:

  • Operating systems.
  • Applications: Word processors, spreadsheet programs, CADs, as well as database management, graphics, sound and image clips, games, and more.
  • Network and communications software: such as those used in the Internet, Voice over Internet (VoIP) systems, e-mail, and instant messaging.
  • Auxiliary programs: such as programs specialized in organizing the hard disk, handling files, and drivers (Device Drivers), and storage and archiving systems.
  • Programming languages and their affiliate programs: such as editing programs for the source file of the programs, the compiler, in addition to the debuggers.
  • The field of information security: such as anti-virus programs, and firewalls, in addition to software, specialized in encryption and authentication.

Work requirements in the field of computer engineering

Most computer engineering jobs require a person to have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, and some companies may require a master’s degree if they want to promote the employee to take a managerial position. The computer engineer must always keep up to date with the latest developments in technology, through continuous learning, in addition to training. It is reported that many computer engineers are members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

engineer software

Computer engineering differs from computer science

Computer engineering and computer science specialists have in common that both deal with data and computer systems directly, and they also rely on the computer to solve various problems. Also, both disciplines contribute to the development of computer technologies. Despite all of this, there are vast differences that exist between the two specializations. Computer engineering deals with computer equipment at the level of electrical circuits involved in the formation of its hardware, as it seeks to solve the various electrical problems that occur in computer equipment, as well as computer engineering also specializes in integrating both hardware and software in the best way and means to ensure its effectiveness to the fullest.

As for computer science, it can be considered a discipline located between the two fields of computer engineering work. Computer science professionals develop software, create databases, derive algorithms, secure data during processing in computer systems, and interact with computer networks.

Computer engineering differs from software engineering

Software engineers specialize in building and developing software systems. In comparison with computer engineering, software engineering tends to deal significantly with large software applications, drawing plans for these programs from the moment it is just an idea until it becomes a final product ready for use, and software engineers resort to organized and innovative means to ensure the quality and security of software.

The future of work in computer engineering

The future of computer engineering varies from country to country; While decision-makers in some countries believe that the engineering job market has been saturated for many years to come, statistics in other countries say that it is expected – shortly – that the employment of computer engineers specializing in computer hardware will increase by a small percentage compared to other specializations. The researchers explain this relatively low percentage by the fact that modern technologies depend on software more than they depend on computer hardware. As for computer engineers specializing in software, it is expected – soon – that their employment rate will increase by a large amount that exceeds the rate of employment in other specialties. It is worth noting that graduates with higher scores in their academic record have higher employment opportunities than others.

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