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Deep Breathing Exercises & Techniques for Stress



Ways to Become a Happier Person

Deep breathing

Many of the health or psychological problems that a person’s faces do not need medical treatment or even a visit to the doctor, and most of them need care by the person himself. A person feels relaxed and comfortable, but first, he must know the correct ways to do them to get the best results.


Deep breathing exercises

These are some deep breathing exercises that help solve many psychological and physical problems, and get a healthy and balanced body, including the following:

Deep Breathing Exercises & Techniques for Stress

Belly breathing

This exercise is done by sitting or standing according to the person’s desire with placing one hand on the abdomen and the other hand on the chest, then taking a deep breath through the nose until the chest expands and is filled with sufficient air, holding it for a long time or a period of ten seconds, and then taking it out in an operation Exhale from the mouth, and repeat the process thirty times at least or for a full ten minutes. It is recommended to continue this exercise for at least six weeks to obtain the best results and to benefit from it as much as possible.

Progressive relaxation

Stand up straight with closing the eyes, and focus on relaxing every muscle of the body, starting from the feet until reaching the head, and in the meantime, take a deep breath from the nose and hold it for at least ten seconds, then take it out by exhaling from the mouth, and repeat this exercise several times or until the person begins to feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

Deep Breathing Exercises for Anxiety Relief

Relaxing yoga breathing

This type is done by practicing some relaxing yoga exercises, which are exercises that rely heavily on relaxing the muscles of the body and sitting in a comfortable position with deep breathing for at least half an hour, preferably in a squatting position.

Benefits of deep breathing exercises

There are many benefits to practicing deep breathing exercises, including the following:

Detoxify and flush out of the body

The body is designed to get rid of 70% of its toxins through the process of breathing. When air is exhaled, the body expels carbon dioxide, and if the person does not breathe perfectly, he will not be able to get rid of these toxins effectively, which may lead to the emergence of some health problems for him as a result. To put pressure on other body systems, and to retain these toxins.

How To Do Yoga At Home

Let go of tension

When a person is tense, he puts pressure on his body, and he feels anger, anxiety, and fear at the same time, which makes his heartbeat accelerate, so it is good to practice deep breathing exercises to relax and get as much rest as possible, to regulate the heartbeat, and to get rid of the feeling of anger, fear, and anxiety. Significantly helps relieve stress.

Relieving emotional problems

Among the benefits of deep breathing exercises is to help get rid of disturbing emotions, replace them with comfort and relaxation, and reject feelings of sadness and depression.

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