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The best places to visit in Egypt



Top Tourist Attractions in Egypt


The Arab Republic of Egypt is an Arab country located in the northeastern corner of Africa. Egypt is considered a world-historical archive of civilizations; Where the oldest world civilization, the Pharaonic civilization, existed on its soil and lasted for more than 3000 years, in addition to the Roman, Greek, and Byzantine civilizations. In the year 639 AD, Islam entered Egypt and an ancient Islamic civilization was established in it as well.

Egypt is distinguished by its strategic location; Its location is characterized by its extension from the northeastern corner of the continent of Africa to the southwestern corner of the continent of Asia, and its lands overlook from the north the Mediterranean Sea, and from the east the Red Sea, and it is bordered to the northeast by the Gaza Strip, to the south by Sudan, and the west by the Libyan Republic. Its total land area is 1,001,450 km2, and it includes the Nile River, the longest river in the world. Depending on the vast area covered by Egypt, its terrain and geography vary; From the river and the sea to the desert.

Top Rated Attractions & Places to Visit in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt

The tourism sector in Egypt is considered one of the most important and prominent sectors in the Egyptian economy, which attracts millions of tourists annually. According to 2015 figures, the Egyptian tourism sector contributed in total of 112.1 billion Egyptian pounds ($14,334,271,350 billion), contributing 11.4% of the country’s GDP. Tourism investments in the same year amounted to 2,158,144,050 billion dollars, which constitutes 12.5% ​​of the total investments in the country. The spending of tourists in Egypt in 2015 amounted to 57.5 billion Egyptian pounds ($3,173,741,250 billion), contributing 20.7% to the country’s GDP. The tourism sector in Egypt also contributed to providing 2,620,000 job opportunities, or 10.5% of the total number of workers.

Tourist attractions in Egypt

Egypt includes many important and attractive archaeological monuments, which are tourist attractions for all those interested in studying the history of the region from all over the world. Among the most important tourist attractions that are located on this land are the following:

Giza Pyramids

The pyramids of Giza – especially the Great Pyramid – are one of the most important centers of tourist attractions in Egypt; It represents one of the Seven Wonders of the World; Due to its architectural grandeur, and the age of its history; Where the pyramids of Giza are visited by large numbers of tourists, and attention is focused on its main attractions, namely: the Great Pyramid (Khufu), the smaller pyramid (Menkaure), the pyramid of Khafre, and the statue (Sphinx) carved in the rocks in the form of a cat’s body.

The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most famous and distinguished tourist attractions in Egypt. The statue represents the body of a lion with the head of the pharaoh of Egypt sculpted in the form of a large statue, its length reaches 73 meters, and its height is 20 meters. It was built during the reign of King Khafre in approximately 2530 BC. The Great Sphinx is located next to the three pyramids of Giza, and it is believed that the statue was built to protect the pharaonic tombs inside the pyramids from evil spirits, hence its Arabic name, the Sphinx.

best places to visit in egypt

Abu Simbel Temple

The Temple of Abu Simbel is located in the area near the Egyptian-Sudanese border. It was built for the pharaoh of Egypt, Ramses II. Note that this historical monument is visited by large numbers of tourists today. To enjoy seeing the amazing architectural design, which allows sunlight to reach the inside of the temple, and the Abu Simbel Festival is held on the site, which includes dance, music, and dining activities.

St. Catherine’s Monastery

St Catherine’s Monastery is considered one of the important religious archaeological sites in Egypt, and it was recently included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, noting that the monastery dates back to 330 AD when it was ordered by the Byzantine Empress, which was called St. Catherine; In honor of Saint Catherine.

White desert garden

The White Desert Park is located about 20 km from the Farafra Oasis, to the northeast of it, and it represents a natural witness that reflects many amazing rock formations; Where towers of white chalky rock appear in the garden, and mixed with iron pyrite and quartz cover the areas surrounding the hills, and visitors can enjoy seeing the wonderful views of these formations, especially at sunrise and sunset times.

Khan Al-Khalily

Khan El-Khalili is one of the most famous markets in Cairo; Where large numbers of visitors to the city and its tourists come to visit it; To enjoy shopping, and buy souvenirs, jewelry, and antiques, and the market also includes many restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food and drinks.

Egyptian Museum

The Cairo Museum, or the Egyptian Museum, is located in the city of Cairo, and is visited by many tourists; To enjoy seeing the collection of archaeological and historical Pharaonic pieces, which are considered the largest in the world.

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