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Benefits of Traveling Mental & Physical Health



Best Travel Tips From a World Traveler


Travel is considered to be moving from one place to another or crossing to another geographical area, and it can be for a long or short period, and that is by plane, train, car, or ship, and the motives of travel may be for work, tourism, or Education, and a person has been interested in traveling and traveling from one place to another for a long time, despite the lack of modern means of transportation, and traveling abroad is the dream of many people, especially in youth, for many reasons, including the desire to discover the world, change the way of life as usual, and fight New experiences, but there are some obstacles to achieving this dream, such as; Unavailability of the financial costs necessary for travel, or failure to fulfill the conditions of travel and residence in some countries, and it is worth noting that a person can travel by land, sea, or air.

Become a Master Traveler in 2021

Benefits of travel for a person

Despite the difficulties that a person faces when traveling to a new place and his need for some time before getting used to the living conditions, travel has many benefits that can be noticed with time, including:

  • Travel keeps a person away from the daily routine: travel helps to distance a person from the boring routine life that makes him unwilling to do anything at all; As some people reach the stage that they are unable to bear the troubles of life, and this causes them many pressures, which makes their lives worse and worse, which causes them problems in work life, school life, family life and emotional, so travel and change of place help them. On stopping their minds from thinking about such matters, and thus their feeling of psychological comfort, to be able to withstand this pressure.
  • Consolidation of social relations: Sharing the travel experience with the partner helps to strengthen the relationship between them, as travel increases the level of mental integrity and the level of self-esteem, in addition to that, traveling with a partner leads to increased closeness and awareness of common interests and goals, in addition to preserving social relations by making them long term.
  • Enhancing the feeling of happiness before travel: Travel helps to boost a person’s mood and sense of happiness, not only during and after the trip, but during his waiting period to travel, and a study conducted by Cornell University showed that a person feels happier when traveling compared to buying a new drug.
  • Promoting creativity: Creativity is usually associated with the flexibility of the mind, and the brain, in turn, is sensitive to change and is greatly affected by new environments and experiences, so travel is an appropriate way to enhance creativity and change an individual’s outlook on life through real immersion in new places and interact with different cultures.
  • Impact on the personality of the individual: Travel is a great challenge for a person, especially if he is in a foreign country, as it forces the person, in this case, to challenge and discover the secrets of his personality, in addition to trying to adapt to travel reduces the emotional reaction of the person, which improves his emotional stability.
  • Promote physical health: Travel enhances a person’s physical health. Several studies conducted by the Global Commission on Aging have shown that women who travel at least twice a year have a lower incidence of heart attacks compared to women who travel every six years, for example, and the same applies to men. ; Non-traveling men have a 30% higher risk of developing heart disease and problems than other men.
  • De-stress: Travel helps to reduce stress levels and anxiety a lot and calm the mind, as the traveler feels that he is in a better mood, more comfortable, and less anxious after several days of travel, and the importance of travel lies in the fact that these positive changes may last for weeks after the end of the trip and return to Motherland.
  • Promoting belonging to the homeland: Travel increases a person’s appreciation for his homeland, as well as enhances his belonging and love for him, as when a person spends his time away from his homeland in places with limited resources and does not have the luxuries available to him in his homeland; Going to an area without electricity, for example, the person will then become more appreciative of his homeland, and more aware of all the services and resources available in it.
  • Finding a new goal: Travel is one of the wonderful investments in the personality of the individual, as it may help him to find a new goal in his life by helping the individual to identify new people, cultures and patterns more than those acquired from his home all the time, in addition to the role of travel in enhancing the ability of The individual is open to seeing the world’s ways of living, which may help individuals to find new goals in their lives. If the individual feels anxious about his goals in life, or what he wants to do in his life, or the job or educational path he wishes to take, then he is advised to travel. To calm himself and be able to think well.

Simple Tips for a Smoother Trip

Things to do while traveling

There are many things that must be done while traveling, in order for the trip to be more fun and enjoyable, and among the most important of these things are the following:

  • Use of local means of transportation: You must use the local means of transportation for the region, for a person to experience the life that the local people practice in the region, and for a person to feel the pleasure of traveling and the pleasure of living in such a region, especially the local buses that most residents use in cities.
  • Keeping memories of the trip: One of the most beautiful things that a person can keep with him while traveling is to keep memories of his trip, either through a camera, a small diary book, or other things that help in writing and collecting travel memories, so that the person can Retrieving his memories, looking at them, and recalling the beautiful moments spent on this trip, and a large number of people feel very sad because they were unable to accumulate the beautiful memories.

Best Travel Tips in 2021

Tips when traveling

It is necessary to take into account a set of tips when traveling, the most important of which are the following:

  • Ensure all papers and documents necessary for travel, including the entry visa for the country to be traveled to.
  • Checking the reservation procedures, especially if the hotel and the travel trip are booked through the Internet.
  • Inquire about all travel information by directly contacting the airline and inquiring about all that is required, or reading the instructions on the travel ticket and the conditions for weighing the bags.
  • Read general information about the country you want to travel to, taking into account travelers’ experiences before.
  • Preparing the suitcase quietly and several days before travel in order to ensure that all the necessary things for the trip are taken, and arranged in a way that is easy to access when needed.
  • Keep official papers in your hand luggage.
  • Wearing comfortable, travel-friendly clothes and shoes.
  • He took some books to read during his spare time.
  • A traveler should always bring a towel, as he does not know when he will need it, either for the beach or for a picnic.
  • An additional bank card must be taken, in addition to the credit card.
  • Always visit the local tourist office; Because they know everything that happens in the city, to know the free activities and special events that happen during the stay, in addition to that they provide discounts on some places and transportation, as their mission is to help the tourist and direct him to the best destinations.
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