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Steps to Become Successful Sooner



how to be successful

Willing to succeed

All people strive to achieve success and spend effort and time for it, and while some reach it in a manner commensurate with the effort and pursuit, others delay in reaching the intended goal and the desired result. Those who refer to those reasons and the keys to the features of success have become clear to them to satisfy them and equal their effort, and no matter how far people reach in degrees and ranks of success, they will not reach his perfection, as it is a constant endeavor that elevates the person continues to achieve his ambition after ambition and achievement after the achievement, and raise the good towards the best, Thus, the grades increase, the inspirations rise, and the earth will be inhabited.


Defining success

Success is known in language as achieving what is required and winning in achieving the goal, which is facilitation in the pursuit and reaching the goal, which is the perception of luck in drawing attention to achievement and ease in achieving goals, and success is the victory of something and the fulfillment of needs. As for the term, the concept of success is related to the level of achieving goals and the possibility of making them a reality. Success is defined as the ability to reach predetermined goals and achieve them in practice, and strive to do so by means and methods possible and available, and the concept of success entrusted with achieving goals and satisfaction applies to individuals, institutions, and society as a whole.

The most important reasons for success

Many people see that success is a matter of luck and share, but reality proves that this luck is a self-industry created by the successful themselves. This is because the energy that these people enjoy distinguishes them from others by limits that guarantee their progress and continuity in the manufacture of themselves and their diligence, and successful people are considered the most patient and disciplined in their endeavors to achieve their goals and the most persistent in carrying out the tasks and tasks entrusted to them, and they are distinguished adventurous people. They take risks to enjoy experience and observation to reap the result, evidence, and proof. One of the most important and most effective causes of success is that individuals, in general, have the deep qualities inherent in themselves so that they can easily possess the keys to success. Among the most important reasons for success are the following:

  • Motives: Motives are considered the basis of purposeful human processes and behavior, and they are the activation energy inherent in the individual until he reaches his goal and achieves his goal, and a person whose qualities and actions are linked to rewarding motives possesses the keys to self-control and the scales of organized pursuit. Motivations represent the keys to perception and recognition of the psychological trends and motivations that justify the completion of tasks and move towards any action that the individual takes or acts for, and the motives are the desires and psychological motivations of the person motivating action.
  • Energy: The presence of energy in a person’s life is an urgent need for the success of his pursuit and effort and the achievement of his goals, and the energy of individuals and its generation depends on his motivations that stimulate motivation and raise enthusiasm for work, and setting goals and determination to achieve and accomplish them is an important source of mental and spiritual energy. Al Maqam is the physical energy of the body that depends primarily on the distinct and organized dietary diversification in addition to the practice of sports and mental emptying daily. Comforting and caring for the body, and nourishing and preparing the mind are important processes in charging the body and soul together with enough energy to succeed.
  • Knowledge and skill: People who have more knowledge and familiarity with various matters and circumstances can deal with situations and gain internal self-confidence and trust others and adopt them, knowledge is an inevitable generator of strength and creativity, and it is a factory of opportunities and achievements, and knowledge and skills must be associated with the individual to be a competitor in building His successes and the achievement of his goals.
  • The capacity for imagination: Imagination is the key to moving wishes and ambitions into reality. Most of the modern industries that simulate civilization and development were originally dreams and imaginations, but these dreams have become reality with the perseverance of their imaginers and the pursuit of their implementation and transfer from the world of illusion to the real world. The fertile imagination and abundance of hypothetical ideas made ordinary people famous giants in various fields, for example, the world champion Muhammad Ali Clay, who credited his distinction and superiority to his fertile imagination and his ability to translate dreams into reality.
  • Work: Gathering knowledge and learning skills without applying and achieving a waste of time and effort, on the contrary, the pursuit of work and the start of applying the renewed daily knowledge is a distinct profit that is added daily to the ladder of achievements and contributes to achieving success, while many people have distinct capabilities and experiences in different fields A modest number of them begin to implement their plans and work on completing their projects and realistically investing their experiences and capabilities, for work is the key to the transition between theoretical experience and knowledge, and between application and creating reality and imposing it to become sensible and coexistent.
  • Forecasting and risk management: anticipating events, conditions and variables is an important skill in individuals’ lives and in achieving success. The prediction process contributes to overcoming bad conditions, mitigating the severity of the shock, and speeding up the start after setbacks and when falling into crises. A successful person can regain his strength and vitality after every stumble he had previously anticipated to maintain his march without retreat and defeat.
  • Commitment: A person’s commitment to his path and endeavors to achieve his goals expresses the depth of his idea and his sincere belief in achieving it and making it a reality so that success is an inevitable and irreversible thing.

Failure is the way to success

Some people become frustrated from the first failed experience they are exposed to, so the world stops with their eyes at that experience to freeze their work and their march for fear of a repetition of failure. However, it is an indication of a certain error in the method, strategy, or plan. If a person passes the experiment by its mistake, he will gain special knowledge of its circumstances and methods that do not suit it in the next times, and he has relatively experience in the mechanisms of overcoming obstacles bit by bit, so the error in his first experience is an important lesson and an inspiring way For success in subsequent experiences, and error may be a key to sharpening motivation, stimulating determination and persistence to continue, and through it success doubles so that that intrepid reaps the fruits of victory and victory.

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