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Bali island Indonesia: Places, Best Time & Travel



Bali island

Bali island

The island of Bali is one of the provinces in the Indonesian state, which includes four islands, namely, Bali Island, Nusa Lembongan Island, Nusasenigan Island, and Nusapibnida Island. In addition to its privileged location, a charming environment, and many services offered to tourists, such as providing appropriate transportation, and attractive tourist resorts.

Location and space

The island of Bali is located in the continent of Asia, and it is one of the islands in the Indian Ocean, where it is located to the west of the Lesser Sunda Islands, and it is bordered on the west by the island of Java, and on the east by the island of Lombok, and its capital is the city of Denpasar on its southern side, which is the largest city in it. . The area of the island of Bali is estimated at five thousand six hundred and thirty-six square kilometers, and the population of this island is estimated at four million twenty-five thousand people.

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Bali history

Some sources mention that the Austronesian tribes who lived in Taiwan in the second millennium BC migrated to the southeastern side of the Asian continent, to settle on this island.

Some studies have found that there is a linguistic and cultural affinity between the tribes of Bali and the Philippines, as well as the tribes of the Indonesian archipelago, in addition to the oceanic regions. This convergence.

However, Chinese culture, as well as Indian culture, had a very influential role, especially in the first century AD, in the people of Bali, especially the Hindu influence.


Nature in Bali

Bali has a great tourist front, as it has long and sandy beaches, famous for it such as Kuta Beach and Lovina Beach. The charming, and Batur Lake, not to mention its tropical forests that extend over large areas, in addition to the valleys that are distinguished by its depth, in addition to the presence of terraces of cedar trees that are unique to this island, and the volcanic rock in it, which is known as Tanah Lot, is one of the most important landmarks in this island. The island. Its vegetation varies, so zoos abound, such as a garden for elephants, as well as a garden for birds, in addition to the enchanting butterfly garden, and the most famous of them is the Bali safari.

Religious affiliation

Although the religion to which the largest segment of the population in the Indonesian state belongs is Islam, we find that the religion to which the people of Bali belong is Hinduism, and their religion is known as a mixture between Hinduism, which is famous in the southern part of the Asian continent, and some local beliefs. On the island, their proportion is approximately eighty-three and a half percent of the total population, and the proportion of Islam on it is close to thirteen and a half percent, while those who belong to the Christian faith do not exceed two and a half percent and a small number of Buddhists who constitute no more than one-fifth of the island’s population.

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