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Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results



The atomic habits book

Why atomic habits

At the beginning of his book, the author defines “habit” as a routine behavior or practice that is performed regularly in response to a specific situation.

It defines (an atom) as a very tiny amount of a thing. The single irreducible unit from a larger system.

They are very small and simple habits, but by continuing them they make a tremendous change in our lives and their order.

The most prominent feature of the book is its reliance on real scientific studies. And the writer’s interesting to talk supported by realistic stories and experiences.


james clear atomic habits

James Claire and habits

Claire devoted the introduction to the book to talk about the story of his injury to the face with a baseball bat, which nearly lost his life or permanently inflicted him with a permanent disability, when he was young, and how he overcame the ordeal and made his success.

Then he mentioned that he was a keen observer of everything that was written and composed about habits until he gained excellent experience about them, and he was writing his personal experiences about habits in periodical articles, on his website on Mondays and Thursdays, then his discipline in writing resulted in the participation of more than thirty thousand subscribers within one year On his site, and in the following year they reached more than one hundred thousand subscribers, which made his publication classified as one of the fastest-growing newsletters on the Internet, and in the third year it reached more than two hundred thousand subscribers, and he began receiving invitations to write from publishing houses and major newspapers, and the writer became one of Habits experts in the world.

The fruit of those efforts was this book; In which he put his experience juice.

The amazing power of atomic habits

The writer spoke about the surprising effect of small atomic habits, likening it to changing the plane’s course a few degrees as it was heading from Los Angeles to New York, with this slight change not noticeable upon take-off; The path will end with her to Washington Airport instead of New York, a difference of several miles due to a change of several degrees at launch.

Habits growth chart

The above chart indicates what most of us expect once we start practicing a new habit, as we expect to improve in an upward curve, which unfortunately does not happen in reality as I mentioned above, which leads to a lot to undo the change, after a period that we think is relatively long, and in a moment the writer called it (Valley of Frustration), a point where many of those who seek a change of habits back down.

Habits shape our identity

Claire says your identity emerges from your habits because you are not born with previously inculcated beliefs, and all your beliefs are acquired and are shaped by your experiences, so what you practice daily forms your impression of yourself. What you believe in yourself becomes part of your identity. If you practice sports regularly, you will become aware that you are an “athlete,” and when you write every day, you establish in yourself the identity of the “writer” and so on.

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