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American Football Rules



American Football rules

American Football Laws

The way of playing

The way to play American football is that players grab the ball and run with it a distance of 9.15 meters and skip the field line by running the ball or passing it to another teammate, and each team has four chances to do so; Whereas, as soon as the ball crosses the line of the field, a new attack is started in an attempt to reach the finish line again, and as the chances run out without the team being able to skip the nine meters, playing the ball moves to the other team automatically, and the team that scores the most points is the winning team in the match.


Points calculation method

Points are calculated in American football according to specific laws, as follows:

  • Six points: A team is awarded 6 points if the players advance the ball until it crosses the finish line in the opponent’s team’s area without stopping.
  • The three points: 3 points are awarded to the team if the team player throws the ball over the goal post, which is represented by the presence of two columns at the end line of the team area when it is close to the end and in a position that allows him to throw the ball, and the goal scored in this way is called the field goal.
  • One point: An additional point is awarded to the team if the player throws the ball and crosses the goal of the opposing team.
  • Two points: Two points are awarded to the team if the ball is run towards the finish line at the opposing team’s court again, but this movement is rare and difficult to occur, and the team can also win two points by extracting the ball from the opposing attacking team at the finish line.

The team that scores the most points at the end of the last half is considered the winner of the game, and if the points are equal between the two teams, an additional game is started until one of the two teams wins.

American Football

The players

Each team in American football includes between 45-50 players (including the reserve players), while on the field there are 11 key players playing together at the same time, and each player has his position in attack or defense, and players are specialized in experience The adults prevent the opposing team from reaching their stadium, while the young players of the size run and run or catch the ball, and the players of medium sizes can do the tasks of other players (running with the ball or defense).

Duration of the match

In American football, the duration of a single match is one hour (60 minutes), which is divided into two halves. Each half is divided into two halves, each called a quarter of the game, and its duration is a quarter of an hour (15 minutes). The break time between the first and second halves is 12 minutes, and two minutes at the end of the first quarter and third quarter, and the match timing begins with the kick-off, and 40 seconds are determined for each A team catches the ball, and the team that fails to do so is punished, and the match is suspended if a penalty is called or a player for one of the two teams goes out of the boundaries of the stadium or there is an injury, provided that play is resumed again by order of the match referee, and sometimes the two teams resort to a game An additional period of 15 minutes if the two teams tie in the match result during the two halves, and the team that will possess the ball first is determined by the method of throwing the coin, and the team that scores the point first is considered the winning team in the match.

Free kick

The free-kick is one of the laws of American football, and it occurs when the attacking player is stopped in his line of contact, and the direction of play is changed, and the team that was stopped after that plays a free-kick to the opposing team, and the person who announces the kick is the referee of the match. For the successful completion of the operation, all the players of the team must be at least four and a half meters behind the ball, and there must be at least four players from the team on each side of the field.


American football is managed by a group of referees, whose number generally ranges from 4 referees to a crew of 8, and in some cases, the match may take place under the supervision of three referees, in exceptional circumstances such as a delay in travel, an emergency, or A member of the refereeing team is injured, and the match referees seek to keep the game orderly and free of randomness, by following the laws and regulations mentioned in the American Football Referees Guide, which was published by the International American Football Officials Association. Abbreviated to the letters “IAFOA”, and some items of this guide are excluded in the case of international (non-local) matches, that is, matches that take place between clubs from different countries. Its departments.

American Football Laws

The stadium

The American football stadium consists of a rectangular shape, with a length of 109.7 meters and a width of 48.8 meters, and the lines at the end of the field are called the end lines, and the lines on the sides of the field are called the sidelines, and the lines parallel to the finish line are called the goal lines which are a distance away from it 9.1 meters, and the area bounded between the sidelines and the goal lines are called the playing field, and the area bounded between the goal lines, the end lines and the sidelines in the end area, and the areas bounded by the goal lines, in addition to 27.6 meters of parallel lines on each side of the playing field represent the side areas And there are white lines throughout the stadium, each of which is 9.1 meters apart.

Mistakes and penalties

American football is governed by a set of laws and regulations, and everyone who violates these laws and who commits mistakes is subject to the penalty that is determined based on the type of error committed, and the match referee decides the occurrence of the penalty by throwing a cloth (flag) of yellow color on the floor of the match stadium And the players know that a mistake has occurred, and the following is a mention of the most famous mistakes and penalties for them in the game of American football:

  • Clipping error: This error is represented by a player assaulting another player from the back or on the lower waist area, and most often this occurs when the attacking player tries to stop the defensive player by hitting him from the back, and the penalty for this error is that the team returns 13.7 meters to Back.
  • Chop Block Error: This error occurs when an offensive player attempts to confront a defensive player while the defender is already participating with another offensive player, and this error causes the opposing team to lose 13.7 meters.
  • Delay of Game Error: This error occurs if the attacking team delays the ball more than 40 seconds, and the penalty for this error is a loss of 4.6 meters.
  • Defensive offside: This error occurs when a team defender crosses the line and reaches the striker before the start of the ball, and the penalty for this error is the team’s loss of 4.6 meters.
  • Facemask: This error occurs when a team player removes the helmet of another competing player. The penalty for this error is a team loss of 13.7 meters.
  • Failure to report: This error occurs when the substitutions for the match referee are not reported, and the penalty for the match is a loss of 4.6 meters.

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