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What are the benefits of yoga exercises ?




Yoga is a sport whose goal is to merge the mind and body into one homogeneous unit, and the word yoga means unity of thought, and it is a sport suitable for all ages, especially because it takes place without the use of any sports equipment, and the practice of this sport continuously brings many benefits to the body. The original origin of this sport goes back to India, as Indians knew it about 5,000 years ago, but it was known to the West in the nineteenth century.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, yoga teachers moved to the west, attracting a number of followers. In 1947, a yoga studio was opened in Hollywood by Indra Devi, which greatly increased the number of Western pioneers and Indian teachers, and increased the popularity of yoga to millions of followers. Yoga has many schools and styles that differ from one to the other.


Yoga schools

  • Anusara: Anosara yoga originated in 1997 by the American John Friend, and this school is distinguished by the belief that a person by nature and instinct is good, and physical practices are used to encourage practitioners of this yoga, in addition to a feeling of grace, so that all good qualities come out from the inside of man.
  • Ashtanga: Ashtanga yoga applies to the ancient teachings of yoga, and in the 1970s, Patti Joyce moved this school to the west. This yoga is considered accurate, as it uses sequential positions in which each movement is linked to a certain breathing method, and this yoga needs to be practiced and trained.
  • Bikram: This school was created by Bikram Chowdhury, and this yoga is built with rooms or halls with high temperatures. In a series of 26 positions, the person will be heavily sweated. This school is considered one of the most popular and easy to find.
  • Here: This name is called any type of yoga that teaches physical positions and practices, since most of the types of yoga in the West are of this type, and they are simple in nature, the person practicing them will not sweat, and they usually teach basic and simple positions in yoga.
  • Hot Yoga: This yoga is very similar to Bikram yoga except for the slight differences, but both types depend on the hot rooms in practice.
  • Ayingar: Ayingar yoga is a very subtle yoga that requires a high concentration in order to reach the required position. In order to help practitioners make appropriate positions, several types of supports are used (cushions, chairs, tapes, etc.). This type of yoga requires a comprehensive exercise to properly apply it.

The benefits of yoga

Yoga exercises have great benefits, some of which are for physical health, and some that are for mental rest, and among these are:

  • Reducing stress and promoting relaxation.
  • Back pain protection.
  • Reducing the effects of multiple sclerosis.
  • Help improve breathing.

How to practice it :

Life back and fully relax, taking into account deep breathing, and clear the mind of all ideas.

Lift the right leg and, keeping them held high in the air, and then lift the left leg and then in the same way, keeping them held high in the air the maximum possible period of time.

Raise the legs in the air with the head slightly elevated for as long as possible, relax, continue to breathe deeply from the abdomen.

Raise the legs to the top while you lie on the back and assign back hand, while trying to stay a minute with complete relaxation.

Lie on the back again, then turn the edges to the right, to the maximum degree possible, and to stay this position as long as possible, taking into account the winding head to the left and relax, then turn the edges to the left and head to the right, and relax for as long as possible.

Lie on your stomach and put your hands down the body, then raise the legs slightly to the top, then re-legs on the floor, then extend the right leg alone and keep it raised, then lowered and lift the left leg, bearing in mind to breathe deeply and take inhale and exhale from the nose and exhaling and relaxation of the stomach, stay in this position as long as possible.

Continue to lie on your stomach and place the hands along the body on the floor, then lift legs in the air and bring them towards the head as far as possible, then raise the upper part of the body that takes the form of a bracket, continue to breathe deeply, with relaxation and try to stay in this position for the maximum period possible.

After the last step, return the head and feet to put them, put the hands away, relax.

Sit so that the back straight and abdomen to the maximum, and sit off in this mode then join hands and think and meditate.

Lie on your back relieving muscle, and start tightening the muscles of the legs and feet, then make her comfortable, and then tighten the muscles of the arms and hands, then make her comfortable, and then tighten the muscles of the face and then make her comfortable, and finally tighten the muscles of the body full were, then you must move your legs a little bit and then relax for a few minutes, and then do the complete day naturally.

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