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5 books will help you get good habits



The concept of customs and traditions

Habits are defined in several Arabic dictionaries as a pattern of usual behavior or behavior that is done repeatedly without effort, such as: the habit of smoking, and the habit of lying, as it relates to the life of obesity that dates back to the first generation without progress or innate development.

As for the traditions, they are the inherited customs, beliefs, deeds and civilization that the successor inherits from the predecessors, and its only: a tradition.


1 – The Power of Habits, Charles Duhigg

The American writer “Charles Doug” shows us through his book “The Power of Habits” why we do what we do in personal and practical life, and explains to us the relationship between how habits work and how to change them, and the results of the study show us that about 40% of the work we do daily is Habits, so we spend nearly half of our lives as self-replicating machines.

Charles Doig guides us in this book, “The Power of Habits”, to how we can change our bad habits and turn them into good ones. You will not be able to change your bad habits on your own, but by deciding what works your habits, you will discover how you can know and change them.

2 – The 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen R.Covey

First published in 1989, it is a book on self-reliance by Stephen Covey. It has sold more than 15 million copies translated into 38 languages since its first publication, and the fifteenth edition was celebrated on the anniversary of 2004. The book is subject to seven principles, if applied as customs, it is supposed to help the person to be more effective. Achieving this is by aligning the soul with what he calls an “internal compass northward” on the basis of the basic principles of ethics and character, as it is believed to be universal and time-bound.

3 – Atomic Habits, James Clear

Writer James Clare, in his book “Atomic Habits,” presents innovative ideas in the field of self-development by providing a framework for developing your skills every day. The book provides a set of laws through which an individual can acquire good and positive habits and get rid of bad and negative habits.

4 – The 5am club, Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma introduced the concept of the Fifth Club in the morning more than twenty years ago. It is based on a revolutionary morning routine that has helped its clients maximize their productivity, improve their health and ward off their silence in this crushingly complex era. The book that changes life The author took a hard four years to write it.

5 – Eat that frog !, Brian Tracy

One of the most famous books in the field of time management and prioritization, it contains twenty one idea that helps you get rid of procrastination and procrastination and create the habit of achievement and achievement of goals.

The author started his book with a saying he heard saying, “If you start your day eating a living frog, be satisfied throughout the day because you will not encounter anything worse in your day.” And the frog in this saying is a metaphor for the most important and difficult tasks.

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