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10 Ways To Organize Your Life 2021



How to Organize Your Life

Keep private property in a certain place

It is advisable to always leave personal belongings such as mobile phones, tablets, and keys in the same place; For example, in a place at the entrance to the house to avoid wasting time searching for it, and special things can be saved inappropriate places, and be sure to store them in an orderly, non-random manner, and mark them for easy access later.

Create a to-do list

It is advised to create a list of tasks required daily, and to make sure to write down all tasks, whether large or small and complete them on the same day and avoid delaying them. It is also recommended to create this list at the beginning or end of the day so that the individual has a clear picture of the tasks required of him on the next day.

Tips to Keep Your Life Organized

Follow a daily routine

It is recommended to follow and adhere to a specific daily routine to help perform various tasks, and following a daily routine improves brain health and stimulates it to create good habits.

Establish a schedule for performing tasks

It is recommended to set a specific time to perform the tasks; to exploit time and avoid wasting it and feeling its value, this is by setting a time to perform each task during the day and committing to it, and making sure to avoid delaying or postponing daily tasks and making the effort to complete them as soon as possible.

Reorganize things periodically

It is advisable to reorganize and arrange things periodically; For example once a week; Because things do not stay organized on their own for a long time, and it is advisable to set a specific time for reorganizing things and sticking to it, and making sure to keep only things that are used, and get rid of unused things, whether by selling, donating or recycling; Because unused things cause clutter and take up a lot of space.

10 Principles to Organize Your Life

Urgent and important

Look at the list you wrote in the previous step and number each order in the list, and put what is important and urgent first, then what is important but not urgent, and then what is urgent but not important, and finally put what is not urgent and not important, and importance comes back also To the priorities that you set and how important they are to you when you numbered them. As for urgent matters, they are those that have a specific time in which they must be, and they cannot be accomplished at any other time, as if you do not do them on time, they spoil or become unenforceable. Note that the important is given priority over the urgent, and the two are often confused, so you focus on what is urgent but not important, and you end up doing many small things that are not of high importance, just because you see that they are urgent and suddenly occurred and you must do them today without any other Days, while you postpone important things because they are not urgent, and then postpone them again the next day, and postpone them again and again until you forget about them or get tired of them and do not accomplish them in the end. And any things that are not accomplished on that day, you can write them on the next page for the next day, while you write the plan for the next day in the army, and make it a priority so that you do not postpone it every day without accomplishing it, and note that the time for leisure, rest or practice the hobby that you love is one of the important and urgent matters that you should not postpone even if the daily schedule narrows you down, you can reduce its quantity and not postpone or cancel it.

Use of technology

Technology greatly helps in organizing time, as smartphones and Internet services offer a variety of free programs for managing daily business and tasks, which can be used to schedule activities that must be attended to easily and remind them in advance, which facilitates time management and prioritization.

10 Ways To Organize Your Life

Use a notebook

It is recommended to take notes and daily tasks on a notebook or a laptop to help remember the required tasks.

Budget calculation every month

The individual should review the budget for invoices with each new invoice, because the invoices change from month to month, as this helps to adjust the expenses related to the invoices, and avoid making financial mistakes, and having to withdraw from the bank account, and the payment of the invoice as soon as it is received from The best thing is, as it should be noted the necessity of having two bank accounts, one for voluntary spending, and the other for paying bills, and thus this helps the person to organize his financial affairs and avoids spending his money on other things such as nights out abroad and so on.

Other ways to organize life

The self can be motivated by rewards; It gives the soul a reason to complete tasks; For example, a person can prepare himself to go out for lunch if he finishes cleaning his room, or to have a comfortable massage session, and if the person feels nervous from many tasks; It is possible to review the table that he prepared and make sure that it is not too tiring, and add the amendment to it; Because it is useful to make sure that everything is correct so that there is no need for alternatives that can cost money that can be saved for other things.

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