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10 Most Common Exercise Mistakes



10 Common Workout Mistakes


Many people resort to exercising either to reduce excess weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle without laziness, knowing that exercise plays a major role in preserving people’s lives, as it strengthens the heart muscle, protects it, activates the brain, and increases capacity To focus on, as it burns the fat accumulated on the abdomen and other parts of the body, as these fats are primarily responsible for heart attacks and blood clots, but many people are ignorant of the correct ways to practice these exercises, and they commit many mistakes that may cost their lives, and in this, The article will introduce you to some of these errors.


Stop making these common workout mistakes

Common mistakes when exercising

Ignore warm-up exercises

Many people practice harsh exercises as soon as they start, which suddenly increases their heartbeat, strains their muscles, leads to stiffness, and weakens their ability to withstand pressure, so it is advised to practice these light exercises, such as walking, running in the same place, dancing and others before Tired exercise, to increase the flexibility of the muscles, and give them the ability to resist the pressure on them.

Not eating the right food

Many people think that not eating increases the effectiveness of exercise, but this belief is wrong. Because the body burns a lot of its energy during exercise, which requires replacing it with the energy needed to maintain its safety, so you must eat adequate amounts of food rich in proteins necessary to strengthen the body and build muscles.

Neglecting some of the muscles of the body

Many people focus on some muscles, and overwork them, and neglect other muscles, but it is necessary to balance the muscles, to avoid stressing some of them, and to overload them beyond their ability.

Sufficiency in certain types of exercises

Adherence to a specific type of exercise leads to building specific types of muscles, so it is preferable to diversify between exercises and choose appropriate exercises for the body’s ability, as increasing the number of exercises increases the body’s ability to move.

Doing exercises for a long time

Exercising for a long time is counterproductive, and it is also possible to deprive the body of the beneficial hormones it releases upon starting exercise, such as the hormones testosterone and dopamine, which exposes the body to stress, so it is advised not to exercise for more than 45 minutes every day.

Exercising on a daily basis

Some believe that exercising every day gives quick results, but this belief is wrong. Because the body needs periods of rest, to be able to achieve the required balance and to build its muscles.

Not getting enough sleep

Many people stay up late at night, which deprives their bodies of the hormones necessary for the growth of their muscles and to burn excess fat, so it is advised to get enough sleep every day to get the most benefit possible.

Using the phone during sports

Many people use their smartphones while exercising, which increases the rest periods of the nervous system, and thus the body loses the ability to withstand stress when it returns to exercise, so it is preferable to turn off the phone and keep it away during exercise.

Talking for a long time

Many talks while exercising, which increases the rest periods of the body, thus reducing the activity of the metabolism process, so not to speak aside while exercising.

Imitate others

Some people imitate the exercises that others do, which may be beyond their ability to tolerate, so it is preferable to exercise that is appropriate for the stage of exercise that the athlete has reached, and fits his body at the same time.

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